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Durian Kit Kats May Be Available In Thailand Soon!



Thailand Minister Wants Durian KitKat To Be A Real Thing - World Of Buzz 1

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The Thai government wants Durian Kit Kat to be a thing because why not, right?

Durian, the king of all fruits, has been a massive debate by the whole world as the best or worst fruit ever.

Of course, fans of the thorny fruit (like moi) just love the creamy texture and sweet and bitter flavour. My heart goes out to ya’ll who don’t like it!

Durians reign supreme in South East Asian countries anyways, namely Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

The Thais love their durians so much that their Ministry of Tourism is in talks with the local Nestlé to produce durian-flavoured Kit Kats, Bangkok Coconuts reported. Malaysia, make this happen too please!

Aside from the king of fruits, the tourism minister also pitched mangosteen and tamarind Kit Kat flavours as they are famous in Thailand.

The minister told the press,

“Nestlé’s marketing team will discuss with the company whether it’s possible to produce these Kit Kats because there are other factors to be considered as well.”

Like how Japan’s green tea Kit Kat had boosting sales from many countries around the world, the Thais believe that these 3 flavours will get everyone spending, including the tourists.

I mean seriously, if Malaysia’s Nestlé doesn’t produce these durian Kit Kats anytime soon, I’ll travel to Thailand just for it.

However, at least we have a KitKat Chocolatory in Mid Valley where we can customize the flavours of our KitKat. Some are as unique as the Nasi Lemak flavour.

Source: Rebecca Saw

As awesome as it to customize our very own KitKats, they don’t have as many flavours as Japan does.

Japan commercially sells about 300 different KitKat flavours such as green tea, sakura, red bean, and soy.

Besides that, the Japanese KitKat even released a special limited-edition sushi KitKat bars!

Which flavour do you want KitKat to produce the most? Tell us in the comments section! Personally, the durian one is all I need because durian is love, durian is life.

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