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“E-convo, no group photos” Uni Students Share How It Feels To Graduate Amidst The Global Pandemic



Source: Unsplash/Mohammad Shahhosseini & Taylor's University

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Have you ever thought about how your convocation is going to be when you graduate? Flowers, friends, family, beautiful graduation gowns, everyone celebrating the moment of glory together.

Nonetheless, for the university students who graduated amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, no physical convocation is allowed, and some of them may have spent their last moments in uni without even seeing their friends.

As a university student myself, I wonder how it feels to graduate during this global pandemic, so I asked some of my seniors to share their thoughts on this matter.

A finance graduate who prefers to go by the name A, said it was unfortunate for his batch to only have an online convocation.

“At the beginning stage, I would say it’s very unfortunate, we can’t experience the feeling of receiving our graduation cert on the stage, the precious moment of having group photos with our family and friends and more,” he shared what he felt at first.

However, as time goes by and looking back at it from now, he said that he is considered pretty lucky as compared to the juniors who actually skipped most of their precious uni life and highschool life due to this pandemic.

“We can’t blame much as that is life, and life comes with a lot of uncertainties and we only can bear with it and move on,” he added.

Another construction management graduate Kah Meng said that he did not feel too upset over this matter, but it was definitely something sorrowful.

“It has been four years since we started our journey in the university after all, so not be able to gather together with all my uni friends during graduation was quite pitiful,” he said.

Kah Meng also did not join the online convocation, because it did not feel very significant and was not too much like a graduation ceremony to him.

When asked whether do they think it is regretful for graduating during the Covid-19 pandemic and not having a proper, physical convocation, both of them said yes. A further added: “It definitely is a regret for us. But as time goes, the feeling has faded away.”.

Both A and Kah Meng are working hard on their new career right now as fresh grads despite these difficult times.

Although graduating amidst the global crisis may leave us some regrets, battling against the virus is still our utmost priority, and we should always be grateful for what we have now.


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