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Elderly Malaysian Gets Bailed On At Cinema, Sadly Gives Away Popcorn & Drinks



Elderly M'sian Man Sadly Gives Away Two Popcorn And Drinks After He Got Bailed - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Facebook

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Bailing on someone last minute, as we normally call it ‘FFK’ in Malaysia, is very uncourteous as the person you bail on can be really disappointed.

Last week (6 October), a netizen took to Facebook to share how an elderly man was utterly disappointed when the people who were supposed to show up for a movie with him decided to FFK him. Here’s what the netizen wrote.

“I saw an uncle limping into the cinema that day and his hands were holding two popcorn boxes and carbonated drinks. He kept on mumbling, ‘They didn’t come, uncle give them (the popcorn and drinks) to you. Take them and enjoy, it’s free.’ 

“The uncle was sleeping throughout the movie and didn’t watch most of it.”

The netizen then took a picture of the uncle and shared it on Facebook, and the photo looked absolutely heart-breaking!

Source: Facebook

Many social media users speculated that he was there to watch a movie with his children and that the movie could be a short family reunion he has been looking forward to.

“He was there to see his children, not the movie,” a netizen said. 

“How could the children let the uncle wait for so long and ditch him at the last minute?” another netizen commented. 

Some netizens mentioned that it may be his friends that he was waiting for or that this elderly man could even be suffering from dementia. Well, whatever it is, it is certainly still a sad sight to see!

If it were true that he was bailed, we hope whoever the uncle was waiting for would show up next time. What’re your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments!


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