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Elderly Man Who Prayed For 21 Years For Daughter’s Return Will Break Your Heart



Elderly Man Prays For 21 Years Upon Daughter's Return After She Left For Malaysia - World Of Buzz

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The love of a parent to their children beats any love out there in the world. The unconditional love that a mother or father holds could easily melt anyone’s heart and it’s proven in this recent story.

A man known as Mbah or Pak Cik Senen who lives in East Jawa prayed that his daughter, Poniatun, would return home after she left for Malaysia over 21 years ago.

The Pak Cik said he has waited every day for news of his darling daughter, to know how she is doing. He also waited for her to come back home until he’s now blind and sick.

He has asked help from relatives to find his daughter but they have found no news of Poniatun till this day.

“I hope with all my heart that Malaysian citizens who know Poniatun can send her this message and ask her to come back home to Jawa to see her father that misses her very very much,” said Rama, a person who is helping the dad retrieve his daughter.

Malaysians who heard about the story couldn’t help but sympathize the father who has waited so long to hear from his daughter. Some even said they teared up hearing about the story.

One couldn’t possibly imagine the heartache that he had to go through for 21 years of not knowing how his daughter is doing in another country.

Some netizens fear the worse for the father that he may never hear news from the daughter. While some, were optimistic and hope that she will be able to receive the message and return to her father’s side.

In any way, all we can do now is spread this news to try to reach as many people as possible, hoping that Poniatun or someone who knows her is able to give her her father’s wishes to see her again.

Source credit: siakapkeli

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