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Endangered Turtle Goes to Beach to Lay Eggs But It’s Now an Airport Runway Instead



Endangered Turtle Lays Eggs on Airport Runway Built Right in the Middle of a Beach - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Maldives Insider & Twitter

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Some of us might have been to Kuala Terengganu to catch turtles laying eggs in the wee hours of the morning, and truly, it is a beautiful sight to see when the mother turtle buries her newly laid eggs in the beach to protect them.

However, this sea turtle in the Maldives could not bury her eggs as she found herself on a hot tarmac road instead. The poor thing!

Source: Twitter

This is because a new airport runway on the island of Maafaru was built right in the middle of the beach, cutting through the white sands and invading the space where the turtles there often go to lay their eggs.

According to The Independent, the airstrip was built last year as part of a $60 million development funded by the UAE. The road which the turtle nested on is part of the Maafaru airport, which reportedly stretches 2,200 metres long.

Source: The Edition

Although some sources claim that this is the first time this particular turtle has climbed on the island, Maafaru has a long history of being a popular nesting site for hundreds of turtles, reported The Edition.

Furthermore, being creatures of habit, most sea turtles return to the exact same beach they were born to lay their eggs. Unfortunately, for this mother turtle who sought out a spot to lay eggs, she discovered that the nesting site had been compromised thus leaving her no choice but to lay her eggs on the tarmac road.

Source: Facebook

The turtle, identified as an endangered green sea turtle, was reportedly in good health after being discovered on the runway, and was seen back into the sea safely by locals. However, it was not mentioned what happened to her eggs.

This should bring our attention to all the creatures that have lost their homes due to the negative impacts of urban development. Should action be taken against those who are destroying habitats of animals all around the world? Let us know in the comments below.


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