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Ex-Wife Cuts Off Man’s Penis and Testicles and Flushes Them After He Cheated on Her



chop penis - WORLD OF BUZZ 2
Source: eatlocal365 & UNILAD

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Cheating is wrong, but chopping off someone’s penis is worse. Here’s a piece of news that will guarantee to make you wince.

A 58-year-old woman in Taiwan was reported to have cut off her ex-husband’s penis with a sharp pair of scissors after she found out that he cheated on her while they were still married.

According to The Sun, this gruesome incident happened on Wednesday (24 July) in Hukou, when Ms Lee, the ex-wife, “seduced” the victim by agreeing to have sex with him. While the man had his pants down, she grabbed hold of the penis and chopped it off with a pair of scissors, leaving a centimetre of his penis left. Both of his testicles were also sheared off in the process.


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She then poured acid on the genitals and dumped them into the toilet bowl before flushing them off. Mr Chen, the ex-husband, fled into the bathroom to hide from the irate woman, and he managed to call the cops despite suffering in pain.

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Source: UNILAD

Ms Lee, on the other hand, overdosed herself with sleeping pills after committing the horrible act and was found unconscious in the home. The couple was brought to the National Taiwan University Hospital Zhudong Branch, and both of them were reported to be in stable condition.

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Source: UNILAD

Ms Lee confessed:

“If I can’t have it, no one else can.”

Before the whole ordeal, Ms Lee and Mr Chen had already divorced for a month, and they lived together because the ex-husband was jobless for two years, and was financially dependent on the ex-wife.

The local authorities in Xinhu Precinct reported that they still couldn’t find the lost genitals. Not only that, the hospital’s head of urology, Chang Chen Yeh, mentioned that even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to reattach Mr Chen’s penis.

The police stated that they’re waiting for the ex-couple to recover further before formally charging and detaining the woman.

Don’t cheat, and don’t snip off your partner’s meat, OK?

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chop penis - WORLD OF BUZZ

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