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Experts Claim That We Don’t Have To Drink 8 Glasses of Water Per Day, Here’s Why



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Normally, we are advised to drink eight glasses of water every day – which is equivalent to nearly two litres of water – but recently, a study proved that we don’t actually need to take in eight glasses of water, reported Asia One.

Experts claimed that the amount of water intake suggested daily is a tad-bit misleading as it should vary according to individuals. The founder of Nutritioulicious, a nutrition counselling company, Jessica Fishman Levinson was quoted by Jakarta Post as saying,

“Fluid requirements vary among individuals based on age, sex, activity level and even where you live.”

Daily activities and the amount of water intake also come into place when figuring out how much water you need in a day. The Institute of Medicine actually suggested that women should drink 2.7 litres of water even though they don’t have to drink so much water.

However, food and drinks like alcohol or asparagus may require you to drink more water because salty food can cause thirst. Having said that, traditional methods of identifying dehydration aren’t just old wives’ tales as it can be used to monitor water intake. So, you can still look at the colour of urine to know if you need to take more water or just rely on your natural thirst for water. 

Not only that, but we should keep an eye out for dehydration signs which are less visible to the naked eye, and they are mentioned below:

  • Feeling extra hungry 
  • Slight headaches 
  • Weak/cramped muscles 
  • Bad breath due to dry mouth 

Thus, by paying attention to the above-mentioned symptoms, we can regulate the amount of water needed for our body. 

Besides that, since feeling hungry is linked to dehydration, many people overeat by snacking but in reality, they just hadn’t had enough water. Therefore, staying hydrated is also very important to ensure your diet is controlled.

So, there you have it, guys, do keep in mind to drink water adequately and make sure you’re not overhydrated or dehydrated. What’s your take on these experts’ advise? Let us know in the comments below! 


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