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Think Yogurt Drinks Are Pointless? Here’s How It Actually Protects Your Gut Especially During Puasa



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Ramadan has arrived again, which means it’s time for Muslims everywhere to start fasting! And while it can be a bit challenging on everyone, that doesn’t mean it should stop us from being productive even as we #StayAtHome. Whether you do it every year or you’re trying out fasting for the first time, remember that it’s super important to consume enough nutrients to keep your body going!

One excellent way to do this is to consume a yogurt drink like Yobick, especially during sahur! Hailing all the way from Japan, this nutritious yogurt drink can be exactly what you need this Ramadan! And here’s why:


1. Drinking yogurt during sahur can prep your tummy for the rest of the day


If you’re the type to easily get a stomach ache while fasting, here’s a pro tip: consuming a yogurt drink like Yobick for sahur can do wonders to help your body! This is because yogurt is packed with vitamins and nutrients which can help give your body sufficient energy, flush out sodium to prevent thirst, and prevent bloatedness in your tummy.


2. Yobick contains prebiotics that can help keep your guts healthy


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In case you didn’t know, prebiotics is basically a type of healthy bacteria that is extremely good for your gut and overall health as it helps improve digestion, reduce cholesterol and improve your immune system too. Yobick also contains Oligo prebiotics, which helps increase the activity of healthy bacteria in your gut when you consume it resulting in a healthier digestive system!


3. The drink is low in fat and sugar, with no added preservatives 


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Aside from containing all these great nutrients, Yobick is also made from very healthy ingredients. The drink is low in fat and sugar, and it doesn’t contain any added preservatives! One of the flavours even contains collagen, which is known to boost your health, from both inside and out!


4. It comes in four super tasty flavours!


Currently, Yobick comes in four delicious flavours that are so good, you definitely need to try them all! The flavours are:

    1. Original
    2. Sakura
    3. Lite+ (with collagen & 2x less sugar!)
    4. Pineapple (the newest flavour!)


5. It’s certified halal by JAKIM


Now, no need to be intimidated by the Japanese writings on the packaging. Even though the brand originated from Japan, Yobick has been certified halal by JAKIM, which means it contains all the safe ingredients and you can confidently drink it this Ramadan!



6. This actress and Olympics silver medallists are all the faces of Yobick!


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You know what’s the coolest part about Yobick? It’s so good that popular Malaysian actress, Emma Maembong and Olympic Badminton Mixed Doubles Silver Medallists, Goh Liu Ying & Chan Peng Soon are all the faces of this drink!


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If all these reasons have gotten you excited, make sure to try Yobick yourself and experience the goodness! Yobick is conveniently available at many stores and supermarkets so if you’re on your way to shop at any of these places, don’t forget to grab a bottle for your buka puasa later, okay?

  • AEON
  • AEON BiG
  • NSK
  • TF Value-Mart
  • Econsave
  • Giant Hypermarket
  • Mydin
  • Xpress Point
  • Billion Supermarket
  • Nirwana
  • Tunas Manja
  • myNEWS
  • 7-Eleven
  • KK Mart
  • TMG
  • BHP Petrol
  • Petronas

But if you aren’t a ketua rumah and you’re obeying the MCO by staying put at home (which is good!), no need to worry. You can also conveniently order Yobick online and get them delivered to your home as they are available on these online platforms:

  • Lazada
  • Shopee
  • PrestoMall


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Not just that, Yobick is also having a special promotion for online orders!




All the drinks will be available at special promotional prices and you’ll even get one carton of Yobick for FREE with every purchase above RM50. And the best part? Deliveries in Klang Valley will be FREE! Just WhatsApp the number above to order NOW!

We don’t know about you guys, but we sure know what drink we’ll be having for buka puasa later!


To those who will be fasting this Ramadan month, we hope that you’ll get through it with ease and please remember to look after yourself during this entire month, okay! It’s also great to start drinking Yobick to give your body that extra boost it needs.

Interested to know more about Yobick? You can head over to their website or follow them on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with their latest updates!

Happy fasting and have a great Ramadan everyone!


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