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Tear-Jerking Moment Faithful Dog Chased After Deceased Owner During Funeral Procession



Faithful Dog Chases Behind Funeral Possessions For 3km To Follow Its Deceased Owner - World Of Buzz 1

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The love and loyalty this dog had for its owner is beyond anyone’s imagination.

Recently, a netizen, Leong Khai Wai uploaded several pictures and videos of a funeral procession on Facebook which made netizens shed tears. The incident took place in Kampung Air Jernih, Terengganu.

During the procession, a white dog with brown patches on its body can be seen walking alongside other people. Apparently, the deceased individual was the dog’s owner.

However, when the convoy reached the main road and the vehicles started picking up speed, the faithful dog did not give up and was seen running beside the road. Poor doggy…

The dog can be seen struggling to keep up with the cars, but it didn’t give up and kept running. Obviously the dog wasn’t ready to let its owner go.

Just like that, the dog tirelessly ran for 3km before it reached the cemetery ground where the vehicles finally slowed down.

The dog then walked beside the vehicles following the convoy.

If that wasn’t touching enough already, the sad-looking dog quietly laid flat on the ground beside the grave that was dug for its owner. Awwwww!! :'( !!!

When it was time to lower the casket into the grave, the dog was asked to move but it refused to do so.

After being persuaded by someone close to it, the dog moved aside but quickly went back beside the grave seconds later.

What’s more, after the casket was lowered, the dog looked at the casket while lying flat on the ground. It seemed like the dog missed its owner dearly. 

Source: Leong Khia Wai Facebook

The heart-wrenching moment of the dog chasing after the convoy left many netizens tearing up.

There were also some who criticized the convoy for not giving the poor dog a ride and letting it run dangerously beside the road.

“They should at least give the dog a ride. It only wanted to be with its owner, that’s why it didn’t mind walking for a long distance. Poor dog,” said a netizen.

Hopefully the other family members will take the dog in and shower it with love and affection, just like how the previous owner did. 

This goes to show that dogs really are a man’s best friend. Remember to shower your own with much love!

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