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Family Boarding Plane With Baby Provides Passengers With Earplugs & Snacks Just in Case He Cries



Family Boarding Plane With Baby Provides Passengers With Earplugs & Snacks Just in Case - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Lonely Planet & Facebook

Passengers often look forward to enjoying their time on the plane by having a good meal or watching a great movie while flying to the destination of their choice, but that few hours can become a ‘disastrous’ flight when someone with a baby boards the plane too.

If that baby is well-behaved, hallelujah you’ll have a great flight, but if that baby just won’t stop crying, you’d probably feel like ripping out your own eardrums because you have no where to run to until the flight ends.

Babies cry on the plane because the fluctuating air pressure in their ears can cause great discomfort. The only way they can express that is through crying, but it still causes a nuisance nevertheless.

In anticipation of this, a family believed to be from Thailand did the most generous and heartwarming thing when they boarded a plane recently. One of the passengers shared his experience on Facebook, which has since gained about 11,000 shares at the time of writing.

In his post, he shares that the parents of a baby named Kawin were afraid that their baby would cry on the plane and disturb other passengers.

So, they actually provided 12 ziplock bags with earplugs, some snacks and a cute little message from Kawin to be given to passengers sitting near them.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

The message reads: “Hello, my name is Kawin. I am two months old. I am now going back to Thailand to be with my family. If I cry loudly, I am sorry, but I have prepared some earplugs and snacks as a thank you.”

Aww, how sweet of the parents to be so thoughtful and considerate of others. I’m sure no one would mind any possible crying on the plane because of this beautiful gesture.

Great job, Kawin’s parents!


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