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Famous PJ Chain Restaurant Calls Customer With Special Request ‘Fat’ in Receipt



Famous Chain Restaurant Staff Made Rude Remarks on Receipt When Customer Asked For No Whipped Cream - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Nazly Rosli Facebook

Although most restaurants have fixed menu items, as customers, we can still request the restaurant to omit certain ingredients from our order according to our dietary needs or preferences. Some common ingredients people choose to omit are nuts, chilli, taugeh, and even coriander.

However, a Malaysian guy visited a famous restaurant chain in Kuala Lumpur on 1 February and he ordered an iced chocolate drink. He requested to omit the whipped cream from his drink, so the restaurant staff keyed in the request into his receipt. The guy, who is known as Nazly Rosli on Facebook, shared how he was met with such unprofessional service at a well-known restaurant chain.

In his Facebook post, he described that one of the staff keyed in “gemuk tak nak cream” onto the receipt, which translates to “fatty requested no cream”. Nazly wasn’t sure if the remark was directed at himself, or to the staff as a supposed “inside joke”.



But that is not all, because when the unprofessional service crew member was preparing his drink, they were chatting loudly about the way the drinks were made. And one of them even said that the drinks made by their colleague could “potong kaki”, implying how sweet the drinks are and could cause diabetes.

This post caught attention on Facebook and many netizens were angered seeing how rude the restaurant staff was, and they advised him to make a complaint to the restaurant. And Nazly did, he sent a Facebook message to the restaurant’s page, and was informed that the management team will be looking into this matter.

Nazly then explained in the comments that he couldn’t confront the staff because he didn’t check the receipt until he got home. Right before he decided to dispose of the receipt, had he only seen the word “gemuk”. Although he emphasised that he was not mad and remained his calm, we still thought it was extremely inappropriate to body shame a customer (or just anyone).

We’re appalled at how unprofessional the staff was, it’s not that hard to treat other human beings with a little respect!

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Famous Chain Restaurant Staff Made Rude Remarks on Receipt When Customer Asked For No Whipped Cream - WORLD OF BUZZ 2