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Fancy Surprise Parties & 4 Other Things M’sians Miss The Most From Our Pre-MCO Celebrations



Source: KL Magazine & Toronto Star

For the past year, Malaysians have definitely adapted well to the ‘new normal’ lifestyle. However, one aspect of our lives that has changed dramatically is the way we celebrate special occasions. In order to stay safe, most of us had to cancel a lot of celebratory plans this past year.

Remember the times when we could actually go out to celebrate our birthdays? Well, if you have other things that you miss about pre-MCO celebrations, read on to see if it’s included in this list!


1. Throwing an over-the-top surprise party for your friends at a fancy Airbnb with a killer KL view

Remember the good ol’ days when you could gather with all your friends and throw super fancy, over-the-top parties for special occasions? You’d probably use every excuse you had to throw one, from birthdays to bridal showers to even just a new years countdown party.

The best part about this is when you have it at a super fancy high-rise Airbnb with a killer view of the city skyline so you can get those on-point shots of your OOTD. Gotta do it for the ‘gram okay, it’s not every day you get to feel so atas! 😜


2. Having an all-you-can-eat BBQ/potluck party on your porch or at your condo pool with your closest loved ones

Who says a good party needs to be fancy? Sometimes, the best parties could take place in your backyard, literally! We truly miss those close-knit BBQ and potluck parties where all we did was stuff ourselves and laugh all day. Sometimes, these gatherings can be even more memorable than any fancy party out there!


3. Getting dragged to attend random weddings but you didn’t mind because you love the food

Who else here despises going to weddings but don’t really mind attending because of the free delicious food? Same here! Most of the time, we’d get dragged to these weddings to accompany our parents when we don’t even recognise anyone there.

But after not being able to attend weddings for almost a year, we are now realising how empty our lives are without those fancy wedding banquets. 😢


4. Those impromptu birthday celebrations at the office that you didn’t even know was happening but joined in for the free food

How many times have you all experienced one of those impromptu surprise birthday celebrations for your colleagues? More often than not, you’re probably not even aware that it was their birthday. Of course, that didn’t stop you from joining the celebration and the free food and cake.

Now that we’re all working from home and not seeing each other, the best we can do is send each other a HBD text.


5. Going bar-hopping with your friends around Bangsar and lepak-ing at the mamak afterwards

We don’t know about you guys but we definitely miss those nights where we would go bar-hopping around Jalan Telawi and then go lepak-ing at the mamak for the after-party (and some post-drinking food). Who would’ve thought that we’d actually miss being stuck in a traffic jam for hours or those long lines just to go to the toilet?


All these celebrations definitely seem like it’s been ages ago but it’s only been a year! It also made us realise just how many celebrations we had to postpone or cancel due to the MCO. But now that things are slowly getting better, why don’t we start celebrating the small joys in life and make up for the lost time? In fact, now would be a pretty good time because in case you haven’t heard…

In conjunction with St. Patrick’s Month, Guinness is rewarding winners EVERYDAY from now until 4th April with their special Celebration Kits!

This special initiative will be open to Malaysians from both Klang Valley and Penang where FIVE winners will be chosen daily for 31 consecutive days to win a special Celebration Kit from Guinness!

All you have to do to join is:

  1. Go to the comments section of these Facebook and Instagram posts.
  2. Tell Guinness which important occasion you’ve had to miss with the hashtag #31daysofstpatricks.

And that’s it! They will be picking five of the best comments every day to win these kits! Easy peasy right?


So what exactly will you be winning?

There will be different types of Celebration Kits to win which include:

1. A Burger Platter

  • Mouthwatering burgers with meat glazed in a special Guinness sauce.
  • Prepared by myBurgerLab x Tipsy Boar (KL) and Mish Mash (Penang).


2. A Guinness Cake

  • Moist cakes perfectly infused with Guinness to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Prepared by Annikins Cakehouse (KL) and Cake By X (Penang).


3. A Guinness BBQ At Home

  • A DIY set complete with Guinness-marinated meat for a satisfying BBQ session at home.
  • Prepared by Makhan by Kitchen Mafia (KL) and Mish Mash (Penang).


4. Guinness Cocktails

  • Get served with unique concoctions of Guinness mixed with other delicious beverages.
  • Prepared by Coley (KL) and Mish Mash (Penang).


5. Guinness Infused Ice Cream

  • A fusion of creamy goodness mixed with Guinness’ classic flavours.
  • Prepared by The Ice Cream Bar (KL) and Three Tiers Ice Cream (Penang).


Not only that, for this month only, you can also bring home a FREE limited edition Guinness tumbler when you purchase Guinness drinks! You can check out the promo details here.

Don’t you think these will instantly put a smile on your and your loved ones’ faces?


Just because our special occasions might have come and gone, it doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it a little later. After all, what better way to enjoy these Celebration Kits than in the safety of your own home!

So, be sure to hurry and tell Guinness which celebration you had to miss out on that you’d like to make up for and you might just be lucky enough to get chosen! To find out more or to join this contest, you can visit this website or follow Guinness on their Facebook and Instagram pages to stay updated.

As a friendly reminder, this promo is valid for non-Muslims aged 21 and above only. Please remember to always consume responsibly, abide by all of the MCO regulations when celebrating and whatever you do, do NOT drink and drive. Stay safe, people!


What other occasions do you miss from our pre-MCO days? Sound off below!

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Source: iStock
Source: KL Magazine

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