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Feeling Lonely? This Japanese Company Offers Fake Friends Just For Your Instagram!



Source: Family Romance & WOB

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Not all of us are social butterflies, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t LOOK like one!

Want to look like you have lots of friends in your soon-to-be-uploaded photos? Or maybe you’re looking for a one-day boyfriend or girlfriend just for the sake of taking a selfie together? No worries! This Japanese company, Family Romance is committed to making you look good on your social media accounts.

Real Appeal is a service provided by the company where it specializes in boosting your online self-image. As long as you’re willing to pay for the fees and use the service for at least 2 hours, Family Romance will provide you with “fake friends” to be in your photo. To your friends on social media, they’ll automatically have the thought that you’re living a great life with a bunch of friends surrounding you.

Nice, isn’t it? Nobody will know that the photos are all illusions paid by youUnless coincidentally, another social media friend of yours happen to book the same friends for the same service. Well… that’s another story.

According to Japan Informer, there’s no limit to how many friends you can book. The charge for one is 8,000 yen (approximately RM318.40). This does not include other expenses that you’ll be spending like travel, food and drinks. You can also choose what kind of friends you’re looking for in terms of age, gender, or any other aspects. Sounds fun though!

But then again, RM318.40 per friend. Let’s say if you want to have five friends in a photo. That’s going to cost you RM1,592! Can you imagine paying this amount just for a few photos and once the service ends, everything is gone? It’s like a wake-up slap to the dream that you’ve been wanting to live in.

In fact, Real Appeal is just the latest service provided. You can also get someone to act as your parents for 20,000 yen (around RM796.08) per person. Or even to the extent of inviting a huge crowd of them to attend your wedding just so you’ll look popular in front of those who turned up for free.

What do you think? Would you spend your money on this just to create a fake impression? 


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