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Feeling Stressed? This Is How You Can Use Nature To Heal Yourself



Source: Style Caster & Green Area & Unsplash

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Sometimes, the best remedy to heal yourself isn’t about getting prescriptions from doctors or pharmacists.

It’s about interacting with nature.

Listening to the ocean, staring up into the plane of stars, sucking in a breath of freshness from the air. Small little things like these may not have the abilities to cure external pain, but you can’t deny that they do put your heart at ease most of the time.


Let’s begin with… Earthing

Earthing, or also known as grounding is a practice where people walk barefoot on grasses. When you step on them without any footwear, you’re actually having direct contact with the energy evolving within the electrical field of the Earth. And the flow happens. Negative-charged electrons in your body will be absorbed and neutralised by the Earth. Meanwhile, the electrons from the Earth will move into your body.

Past studies have also proven that such a relationship is able to provide health benefits to humans. One is less likely to feel stress when they live closer with greener space. Additionally, earthing is said to improve sleep, and helps to regulate the nervous and endocrine systems, according to Mind Body Green Movement.

Take a stroll in the brisk evening without putting on your slippers, and undeniably you’ll feel the magic in this little act.


Listen to the ocean

There’s something mysterious about the seas, the oceans.

Don’t you feel an instant calming sensation rushing into your body when you breathe in a flow of air filled with scents of the ocean? It’s as though all your worries are pushed away by the soothing breeze brushing past your skin.

Never forget, the ocean is a massive producer of oxygen as it contributes to 50-85 per cent of the world’s oxygen content, according to Well Being.  This is also why it’s normal for a person to feel energised being near oceans.

While the waves crashing onto the shores may be loud, yet they’re gentle. It feels like they’re saying, “Don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry,” said Orfeu Buxton, associate professor of bio-behavioural health at Pennsylvania State University.

Such sounds are non-threatening, which is why they are good in calming people.



Stars are like jewellery hanging high above the clouds which we can never buy. They hold such magic that dives us into the sea of dark, wondering about life.

When you stare up into the sky, it slows down your pace without you realising. And through this, it has already benefited your body in terms of spiritual, mental and physical health, as explained by Natural Therapy Pages.

Dazzles of the stars make you want to reflect upon yourselves. You’ll then start to realise that the planet is so big and whatever problems you’re facing seem like specks of dust in comparison with the night sky.


Listen up, ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys. Mental health isn’t a joke. If there’s a need for you to log out from reality for a short moment, make friends with nature. It heals. 


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Source: Green Area
Source: Unsplash

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