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Five Malaysian Dads Give Us Timeless Words of Advice for Father’s Day This Year



Five Malaysian Dads Tell Us Timeless Words of Wisdom That We All Can Follow - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
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Every year, there is one day specially dedicated to fathers all around the world, and on this day, fathers are honoured and celebrated not just for their hard work in providing for their families, but also for simply being a father figure many can look up to.

While most kids prefer to show their admiration and appreciation through a post on Instagram or Facebook, it is a heartwarming sight to see how much of an impact fathers have on their children’s lives, and even on the lives of others.

With most of our fathers being Asian, we don’t often hear them express their love for us even though we know in our hearts that they do through the sacrifices they have made for us. And while they may not tell us directly, I’m pretty sure they have one or two things they would like to tell their children as fathers.

So, for Father’s Day this year, the team at WORLD OF BUZZ decided to ask our fathers to give us some words of wisdom that we as youngsters can take heed to.


1. Be Good And Responsible

When asked about what he would like to tell the generation of today, Mr KS Tan, 53, said that all he wants is for us to simply be good people and to be a blessing to others.

He added that “being good also means to behave when no one is watching” as true character is displayed in what you do or do not do when no one is there to witness it.

As a father of two, he also tells us to be accountable for our own actions and to be responsible for the things entrusted to us. Just as much as we are given freedom to a certain extent, the degree of our responsibility should follow.

Five Malaysian Dads Tell Us Their Very Own Words of Wisdom That We All Can Follow - WORLD OF BUZZ 6



2. Cherish Your Friends

Throughout our whole lives, we will meet many people along the way, but Mr Thiagarajan, 61, says that the friends who grew up with us are our true friends. He says that these friends are our treasure as they have been with us through thick and thin and through joy and sorrow.

“Love them because they loved you for just being YOU!” the retired doctor and father of two says.

I think this is so true! Your friends who have always been by your side are the ones who know who you truly are, but still love and accept you regardless.


3. Give Your 110% In Everything You Do

Whether you are a high school student or a working adult, Mr Wanan advises us to always give our best and put in a complete effort in whatever we do. Being a businessman himself, he encourages us to push ourselves into achieving our dreams by using our own resources, knowledge and confidence.

“Whatever you wish to achieve, do not rely or get help from God,” the 61-year-old says.

He adds that while we embark on this journey to achieve our dreams, we should never physically or mentally hurt anyone. He also encourages us to always consult our parents when we have any doubt and to not be afraid to ask for help when we face challenges.


4. Don’t Simply Give Your Heart Away

Being a retiree himself, Gary, 65, advises us to be careful of who we give our hearts to. He says falling in love may be easy but the chances of getting hurt are higher. Rather, we should be patient and wait for the right girl or guy before giving our heart to them.

“Don’t fall in love so easily. Boys have a one-track mind, but whether you are a boy or a girl, you can be hurt easily if you are not careful with who you let into your life,” he said.

Five Malaysian Dads Tell Us Their Very Own Words of Wisdom That We All Can Follow - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

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5. Take Care of Your Health

There comes a point in every dad’s life when their children are old enough to take care of themselves and aren’t always around to be looked after anymore. As a result, Mr Tan, 62, advises us to stay healthy and to exercise regularly. Just as Malaysia gives us an overwhelming variety of food to choose from, we should be wary of what goes into our bodies.

“Since it’s a food haven here, we should also watch what we eat. Regular exercise is also a must,” Mr Tan, a father of 3, told his 27-year-old daughter.

“As the saying goes health is wealth.. and so is happiness.”

Upon disbelief that this was the ONE thing he wanted to say, his daughter probed further and he finally said:

“Aah.. I love you. Haha did I leave this out? I guess most Asian parents don’t express it this way however deep their love is for their children. Love you.”


Aww! I’m pretty sure these words are what all fathers mean to say when they give us life advice that may or may not make sense to us. Whether he says it or not, your father does love you. Don’t forget to wish your father and take him out for a meal this Father’s Day!


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Five Malaysian Dads Tell Us Their Very Own Words of Wisdom That We All Can Follow - WORLD OF BUZZ