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Fly Like Your Favourite Chinese Drama Characters At This Tourist Spot in China



Source: Xiatianxia Tourist Area Weibo

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If you ever grew up with Chinese ‘wuxia‘ aka ‘martial arts heroes’ films, then you will at some point in your life, have wondered what it would be like to leap up into the sky in a kung-fu position, legs extended, fists curled, ready to rip a new one into your arch nemesis. And for some of us, we’re still dreaming of the one day we get to pull a stunt like that off.

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Guys, c’mon. Let’s be real. Who doesn’t want to be able to miraculously float on the thin branches of trees solely through the power of martial arts?

While defying gravity at will may be scientifically impossible, one tourist destination in Fujian, China, may just be able to bring your fantasies of leaping up into the skies between beautiful Chinese mountain ranges a reality.

Incredible waterfalls await.

Beautifully constructed Chinese architecture peppers the area.

Tourists can even walk across a glass suspension bridge for a proper adrenaline rush.

Welcome to the Xiatianxia Scenic Area, located in the Fujian province of China. Boasting plenty to do with its strategic location near some of China’s most picturesque mountain ranges and natural features such as plunging waterfalls and lush green forests, its the perfect backdrop for tourists who are seeking for a truly scenic reprieve from the monotony of city life.

Visitors can take flight as ‘wuxia’ characters at this tourist park.

But asides from the fantastic nature trails, death-defying bridges that take you from one mountain to the next, and a host of other attractions, many who visit Xiatianxia Scenic Area come for one thing in particular: it’s ‘wuxia‘ experience.

Visitors are allowed to ‘fly’ while tethered to cables and a harness.

Fly with absolute grace when you immerse yourself in this incredible experience.

Just like how they do it in the movies, you can have a little taste of what it’s like to be a ‘wuxia‘ character with the park’s most critically acclaimed ‘flying’ experience. Dressed in traditional Chinese garb, tourists will be strapped on into a harness that is tethered to almost invisible cables, before park attendants guide them into a quick sprint before they are launched gracefully up into the sky.

For full effect, bring your own umbrella with you.

With the backdrop of an incredible waterfall, traditional Chinese pavilions and beauty foliage, photos and videos from this attraction create a beautifully authentic ‘wuxia‘ experience.

A true ‘wuxia’ experience.

How about swinging off from 200-metres?

And if that isn’t enough, the park even features a heart-pumping 200-metre high swing that faces a sheer drop below. Y’know, if heights are your thing. 

If you’d like to get more information about the Xiatianxia Scenic Area, you may check out their official website here for more information, or through Trip.com’s English guide here. 


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Source: Trip.com

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