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“Forget it, do it yourself,” Puchong Team Patches Up Potholes After Their Complaints Fall On Deaf Ears



Source: Puchong News Group Facebook

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Potholes have been a re-occurring problem on Malaysian roads for decades and it only takes a Minister getting injured to bring attention to this serious issue that has taken the lives of many. But what happens when the government isn’t proactive in making sure these potholes are patched up?

A group of individuals in Puchong decided to take matters into their own hands and repaired several potholes that were caused by manhole covers on the road.

In a post uploaded to Puchong News Group, the admin of the page wrote that he and several others have started to pay attention to potholes in the road in Puchong since November when a death case was reported due to a pothole. He said that so far, there have been about five deaths caused by potholes, and dozens, including a Minister, have fallen.

He added that there are about five to six potholes in a stretch of about 200 metres but nothing has been done about it and they were growing tired of making complaints. After the two most recent deaths caused by potholes, the community decided that enough is enough and got to work.

“When ordinary citizens have the opportunity to do community service, it represents the incompetence of the local government and city council!” he said.

Using three bags of road tar, they managed to patch up the potholes themselves! A video shows one of them pouring the tar into the potholes and pressing it down with a hoe while others directed traffic.

The admin of the group revealed that the money they used to do the work came from individuals who paid for advertisements in the Puchong News Group and thanked them for their support.

“Thank you for your support! This is how your advertising money is used in the community!” he said.

Netizens in the comment section expressed their gratitude and praised the team for their hard work and effort.

  • “I wish you, good people, a life of peace!”
  • “There is love in the world ~ I am grateful to have you “
  • “Thank you to all of you kind-hearted people. A good heart has a good reward.”

Here’s a video of the team hard at work:

不吵了!做工吧!大家加油💪有看到洞report我们!珍惜生命蒲种有路坑拍照放准确地点发上来 #蒲种大新闻 找我们吧!

Posted by SKYC 许荣耀 on Monday, January 4, 2021


Great job, guys! Hopefully, the government will start paying more attention to this serious problem so ordinary citizens won’t have to keep doing it themselves. 


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