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Forget the Nobel Prize! Tun M’s Epic Comeback is Getting Made Into a Bollywood Movie



Forget Nobel Prize! Tun M Epic Comeback is Getting Made Into a Bollywood Movie - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Nadi Bumi & Live Journal

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It doesn’t matter whether or not Tun Dr Mahathir had scored the Nobel Peace Prize award, because he’s now bagged a Bollywood movie. Well, not exactly! 

Malaysiakini reported that a Bollywood producer is planning to make a movie out of Tun M’s historic return as the seventh prime minister of Malaysia. 

It’s a movie inspired by Tun M’s epic comeback story and we’d totally watch it! 

Portraying Tun M as a liberator in a campaign against corruption, Raman Kumar, the producer, said that the movie will focus on the “political intrigues” of the Pakatan Harapan chairman and how Tun M used his “common sense, wisdom and 22-year experience as prime minister from 1981 to 2003” to win the 14th General Election. 

Raman was quoted as saying,

“I want to direct and produce this movie because Dr Mahathir, at 92, has brought Malaysians together in what proved to be a victorious election (for him and his coalition). He’s indeed a marvel of strength, will and tenacity,” said Raman.

With the tentative title of ‘Malaysia’s Saviour Mahathir’, this movie will be shot in Hindi, and then dubbed into Malay and English.

Hopefully, the movie will make it to the Cannes Film Festival!  

Source: Roketkini

Fun fact: Raman has produced more than 10 movies, five of which were shot in Malaysia. 

The 73-year-old commented that Tun M’s leadership, under Pakatan Harapan, had brought together a multiracial nation to overthrow a long-reigning government (Barisan Nasional) after 61 years of its administration.

Raman continued,

“I want to tell the intense story of the remaking of Malaysia after six decades of trials and tribulations, and the way Malaysians intensely felt the moment the (then) opposition won (the election).”

“Malaysia was reborn. May 9 was a new day. Malaysia has been given a new chance.”

“I find Dr Mahathir a colourful character and we want to tell the story as it is. It involves a lot of research and we’ve engaged a Malaysian scriptwriter who has a better understanding of Malaysian politics.”

Tun M sure is one of a kind!

Therefore, Raman will use M Krishnamoorthy’s help, a Malaysian scriptwriter, famed-journalist and an associate professor, to understand the Malaysian politics better.

Raman, who goes back and forth between the United Kingdom, Mumbai (India) and Malaysia, also assured that he would cast Malaysian actors in the movie but part of film crew will be imported from Mumbai. Keeping it authentic, that’s nice!

On a side note, who do you think will play Tun M?

With that said, we are ecstatic that someone wants to commemorate Malaysia’s most historic moment after Merdeka in the form of a movie. We are definitely honoured and hope Raman will do justice to Tun M’s story.

We are looking forward to watching the movie, Raman! 


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