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“I Have Forgotten All About My Dad Until This Bittersweet Meal With Him…”



"I Have Forgotten All About My Dad Until This Bittersweet Meal With Him..." - World Of Buzz 3

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As we grow up, we tend to take our parents for granted. We get so busy with studies, work and our own daily lives that we often overlook the meaningful things our parents have done for us. And still do for us.

One 22-year-old guy by the name of James Xiong went through a simple yet eye-opening experience one evening. He decided to share the heartwarming story on Facebook and it garnered over 50,000 likes and almost 18,000 shares worldwide.

He wrote this in his Facebook post:

“As I started walking back into my room to finished up my homework due before midnight, my dad slightly raised his voice and said, “James, come over here.” Thinking that I had done something wrong, I raised my voice with an angry tone as I replied, “What!”

“As I walked back into the kitchen, my dad stood holding a BBQ fish with two plates of rice already set out on the table.”

His 56-year-old father invited him to indulge in the beautifully cooked fish.

“Come eat with me. I barbecued a very tasty fish. Eat, eat.”

James immediately regretted having raised his voice earlier.

“Feeling dumb about my inconsiderate action, my heart paused for a second as I silently walked over to sit down next to my ecstatic dad.”

“Try it, it is really good! I barbecued it.”

"I Have Forgotten All About My Dad Until This Bittersweet Meal With Him..." - World Of Buzz 2
Image source: Facebook/James Xiong

That was when a heart-breaking realization dawned upon the young man.

“For the longest time, it was so difficult to swallow food into my stomach with the nicely cooked fish, and my dad’s priceless smile across his wrinkled cheeks. It was hard to keep a straight face at my dad, and it was at this moment, I remembered 11 years ago my dad and I sat at the same table eating a fish he caught and barbecued for me, except he was much more younger and stronger”

“I have been so busy with school, work, and life this semester that I have forgotten all about my dad until this bittersweet meal with him. Time has done so much to my dad, but for some strange reason, he never forgets to invite his ill-mannered son to the table.

“It was an emotional moment of silence until my tears climbed out, and I fled the scene to recover. I am sorry papa, for love is simple. For us, it is a plate of rice and a bbq fish.”

James Xiong - World Of Buzz 2

Source: James Xiong’s Facebook

James shares with World of Buzz that him and his dad often go fishing together and this is part of what keeps the bond between the father and son so strong.

“My dad still barbecues me fish, but now, I mostly do the preparations and BBQ for my ma and pa. It is a passion of mine.”

James is one of the 11 children in the family, but there is a heartwarming reason why James and his father have a particularly stronger bond.

“My dad and I have been through a lot as I was born prematurely and from the doctor’s report, I wasn’t supposed to make it. When I was born, I lacked the function of a child and my dad had to feed and nourish me. More than my mom did.

Awww… so sweet!

James Xiong - World Of Buzz 1

Source: James Xiong’s Facebook

James also shared to us how his father, uncle and grandmother were forced to move away from their home country, Laos, as the harrowing Vietnam War had affected even the people there. After moving through refugee camps, they then immigrated to the United States of America for a better life.

“With no English background, he worked two jobs and many overtime hours so he can support his family and himself. He was able to rent an apartment and buy his own vehicle for himself and his stepbrother.

“He told me that the reason he had a lot of us was because he didn’t want me to be like him. He wanted me to have a big family. He wanted me to have sisters and brothers unlike him. He wanted me to have a better life than he did and that’s why I love my dad.”

“If it wasn’t for my dad and his perseverance, I wouldn’t be here today.

Bob's Burgers love fox kids family

After realizing how he had neglected his father due to his busy schedule, James didn’t want others to do the same to their parents. He says,

“Love your parents for they cannot grow young and anew like a flower. Give them every amount of love, because they can’t stay forever hoping you’ll love them. They’re getting older in just a blink of an eye.”

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