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Form 1 Boy Arrested for Serving Noodles Laced with Cockroach Poison to Schoolmate



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Source: The Star & Khasiat

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Everyone surely knows that cleanliness is of the utmost importance when it comes to food. If the food is contaminated, we may fall sick easily.

Getting food poisoning is terrible but it is definitely nowhere near as bad suffering the effects of eating food laced with ACTUAL POISON.

Unfortunately for this secondary school student, that seemed to be the case. A Form One boy from Sarawak was arrested by the police after allegedly lacing his schoolmate’s food with cockroach poison, The Star reported.

Form 1 Boy Arrested for Mixing Noodles with Poison and Serving to Schoolmate - World Of Buzz

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The student was arrested at his house in Sri Aman at about 2.30am on July 21, 2017. The incident took place at a school in the same area on the afternoon of July 20th.

The victim was a 13-year-old schoolmate who was given the tainted packet of noodles by the suspect.

The Sarawak Criminal Investigation Department’s chief, Datuk Dev Kumar, told the press,

“An initial probe shows that the suspect brought a container of noodles and roach poison to school. The suspect allegedly mixed the poison into the noodles and gave it to the victim.”

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“The victim began vomiting a few minutes later and a teacher was alerted before he was rushed to the hospital.”

The victim was sent to the Sri Aman Hospital by school staff members when he started vomiting terribly. The poor boy is still being treated.

After seeing the boy being rushed to hospital, the suspect panicked and ran away from school.

Meanwhile, the father of the victim lodged a police report at a nearby police station when the teacher informed him of the reported poisoning.

Although the boy had ran away, the police were able to locate his home and made the arrest. Chief Dev said,

“We have arrested the 13-year-old schoolboy and also seized a box of roach poison.”

Source: The Star

Netizens are torn. Some found that the boy had clear intentions of poisoning his schoolmate.

“It is obvious that the poisoning was done intentionally because who would purposely add poison into food and personally pass the food to the victim?”

Others thought that it was just a prank gone wrong.

“Maybe he was joking but did not expect the outcome to be so terrible. Maybe that’s why he ran away.”

Whatever it is, we hope this poor boy recovers soon!


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