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Former Subway Staff Shares Tips On How To Make The Best Sub & Prevent Sogginess!



Source: PYMNTS & Subway's Instaram

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Ever wondered how to keep your Subway sandwich from getting soggy? Us too. Thankfully, a former Subway employee took to Twitter a couple of days ago to share a bunch of useful tips like the best sauce combinations and hacks to stop your sub from getting soggy! Here’s what she said:


1. Choose Hearty Italian to prevent a soggy sub

According to @hajaarudin, if you want to pick the best bread to retain your sub’s crunch factor, go for the Hearty Italian and request for triple toast. She swears by its taste and crunchiness, adding that it won’t go soggy even if you keep it cold or mix it with sauce!

Note: Only the Hearty Italian can be double/triple toasted. Other bread such as Parmesan Oregano, Honey Oat, and Wheat aren’t suitable for toasting as it’ll turn to soft. But you do have the option of toasting Italian bread if you want to.


2. The BEST sauce combination 

The best combination of sauces is apparently ranch, Thousand Island (ask extra for both of these sauces), sweet onion, mayonnaise, olive oil, chili, Chipotle Southwest, and BBQ. This sauce combination is said to be suitable for everything on the menu, including salads and wraps.


3. You can ask for extra sauce and veggies, it’s FREE!

Now that’s a word we Malaysians love hearing. You can ask for extra veggies and sauce on your sub and there won’t be any additional charges. They only charge if you ask for more meat.


4. Subway has mushroom soup

Most of us go to Subway just to get a good sandwich but apparently they have some pretty good mushroom soup to offer as well! “If you order the wrap, you can try and have it with mushroom soup. It’s delicious!”


5. Ketchup is the WORST sauce

@hajaarudin said that ketchup is the worst condiment for anything you’re having it with! “It will potong stim on the  flavour of your sandwich cause it’s so sour, especially if you eat it with the Meatball Marinara. That really spoils it!” Sorry, ketchup lovers!

The thread has garnered nearly 40k retweets and 70k likes since it was posted.

Do you agree/disagree with any of these tips? Which would you try? Let us know in the comments! 


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Source: Trip Advisor
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Source: Trip Advisor

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