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Found Someone Breaching Quarantine? Here’s How You Can Report Them To MoH Via Whatsapp



Source: WOB & @issacosmanTV

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The one thing that people returning from abroad should not be taking lightly is the need for quarantine. With the Covid-19 situation still ongoing and a viable, mass-produced vaccine still quite a ways off, the need for proper quarantine measures to ensure the safety of everybody is understandably important.

Yet just recently, a slew of cases have been found where returning Malaysians from abroad have displayed a selfish disregard for both personal and public safety, after many were seen photographed out in public wearing the bright pink quarantine wristband. The pink quarantine wristband is part of a government mandated initiative to help track returning Malaysians from abroad as they conduct their own 14-day long self-quarantine.

A pink quarantine wristband discarded by an anonymous individual at KLIA.

In fact, some have even gone as far as to remove the wristband immediately upon receiving it at the airport.

So what do you do when you see someone with the pink wristband breaching quarantine measures? You can WhatsApp Malaysia’s Crisis Preparedness And Response Centre. Here’s how:

Step 1: Photograph the individual violating self-quarantine measures. 

Photo of the woman who was seen dining while wearing a quarantine wristband.

Make sure that both the face of the culprit as well as their pink wristband are clearly visible in your photo.


Step 2: Note down details of the location you are in. 

Be sure that you list the name and address of where you found the individual accurately.

This is especially helpful for contact tracing measures, so be sure to list down both the name and address of where you are as clearly as possible.


Step 3: Note down the time. 

Make sure that the time is accurate. If you can’t remember clearly, a rough estimate will do.

In order to further narrow the search, noting down the time in your message will help the CPRC identify the individual much more quickly.


Step 4: Send your message to the CPRC numbers below. 

Contact the authorities immediately.

  1. +60139279454
  2. +60109699435
  3. +60139360454

Or if need be, you may also reach and contact the CPRC hotline at:

  1. 03 88810200
  2. 03 88810600
  3. 03 88810700

But bear in mind, the CPRC is open daily between 8.00am to 5.00pm only.

So do your part in ensuring the safety of all Malaysians, and report any sightings to the authorities. For those under the mandated 14-day self-quarantine, please be responsible and avoid putting the health of others and that of your own at risk. 


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Source: WOB

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