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Friend Doesn’t Want To Borrow Cash Anymore After Told to Sign Repayment Agreement



Netizen Devises a Way to Ensure Friends Who Borrow Money Pay Them Back! - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Info Week / Malay Mail

Borrowing money from people you know gives less pressure than borrowing from the oh-so-many financial institutions we have in this country.

With stories of individuals being hunted down by loan sharks, their property splashed with red paint or family members being harassed, borrowing from a friend is a more palatable option with fewer risks.

The only problem is that people tend to take their friends for granted and blow them off. And for one netizen, giving loans to friends has become all the more tasking as many simply refuse to pay him back on time.

Taking to Facebook, Hasrul Jejai shared his ingenious plan to avoid friends who won’t pay back.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

In the beginning, Hasrul’s friend asked for a loan of RM350, not a particularly small amount. Hasrul said he would be happy to loan him the money, provided that he sign an agreement that guarantees his repayment. He explained that he’s been subject to too many loan ‘defaults’ already.

Hasrul even offered to organise a meeting a Commissioner for Oaths to sign the said agreement, but his friend eventually declined altogether.

Smart move.

“When I ask them to sign the agreement, they abandon their plan to ask for a loan. It is better to lose a ‘friend’ that losing money+friend. RM350 is a huge sum for people like me.”

For some of us, a strained relationship is simply not worth it.

Got any other brilliant ideas to make sure friends who borrow from you pay you back? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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