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From Buying Groceries To Bungkus-ing Your Favourite Ramadhan Food, This New Delivery App Will Do ANYTHING For M’sians!



Source: @cik_syiraaaa/gramho & BBC

If you’ve ever found it challenging to take some time out of a busy and hectic work schedule to even step out to go buy groceries, deliver important work documents or get food for you to break fast during this Ramadhan, you must have wished you had a runner who could do all those things for you.

Well with this new app known as Bungkusit, you can now have your very own personal assistant to do your daily tasks for you.

This on-demand delivery service will buy and deliver anything (that can fit on a motorbike) for you, and by anything, we mean pretty much everything.

It’s basically like having your very own personal runner known as Roadies! Here’s what you can expect from Bungkusit:

1. Get Ramadhan food, groceries, medication, and all sorts of other things delivered TO you 

There’s virtually no limit to what you can get delivered to you, as long as it can fit on a motorcycle (be sensible and don’t ask the abang rider to buy and deliver a refrigerator to you). Some of them are, but not limited to:

  • Food & beverages
  • Personal care items (toothpaste, shampoo, etc.)
  • Medicine from the pharmacy
  • Groceries


2. OR get food, parcels and other things delivered FOR you to other people and places

Since it’s not advisable to go out while the MCO is in effect, it’s best to get things delivered by trained Roadies. They can deliver anything you need them to, and for any reason such as:

  • Parcels, food, or groceries to family and friends nearby
  • Packages to Pos Laju to be posted
  • Work documents to your colleagues or boss

And so much more!


3. Bungkusit is also incredibly useful during the non-MCO period

There might be moments when you forget to bring your assignment to class, or you left your keys at the front door, or maybe you just remembered that your friend’s birthday is tomorrow. There’s no need to fret in these situations because Bungkusit has your back!

You can use the app to send a rider to fetch things you left behind, buy a last-minute gift, or even bring you emergency clothes if you spill coffee on your shirt while rushing to work.


4. If you’re in a rush, don’t worry! Bungkusit claims to get deliveries done within 60 minutes tops

Another thing that makes Bungkusit stand out is that they claim to be able to complete any task within 60 minutes. So if you’re in a rush, rest assured that everything will be done within the hour.

“I forgot my notebooks for my class once and I needed it urgently. Luckily the Roadie managed to get me my book from my house in 30 minutes. Saved me!” – Bungkusit user

There’s also a built-in chat feature which will allow you to notify your Roadie in case you have any last-minute requests. For example, if you sent a Roadie to pick up a package from someone and just remembered that you also need one more item from that person, just get on the chat and notify your Roadie to pick it up during collection. Easy!


5. You get a special DISCOUNT if you sign up with this promo code!

Just make sure you register with the app and use our special promo codeWORLDOFBUZZREADER‘ at checkout to get 10% OFF all deliveries!

Did we mention that they can make deliveries up to 500km for you? That’s right, 500km! And the promo has no distance limit so you still get 10% off your delivery if you deliver something 500km away!


6. This app is also making an effort to provide jobs for the less fortunate

Apart from helping Malaysians stay at home, Bungkusit also aims to provide jobs to those in the B40 group as a means of helping them to earn an income. There are currently 33,000 riders who are registered as Bungkusit Roadies.

And with about 750,000 customers registered with the app, there will always be a demand for deliveries and it also encourages Malaysians to stay home while we wait for the COVID-19 pandemic to end.

Keen to give this app a try? Well, it’s super easy to use! Just follow these steps:

  1. Download Bungkusit from the App Store for Apple devices or from the Google Play Store for Android.
  2. Create an account
  3. Choose what you’d like to have delivered (food, parcels, medicine, gifts, etc.)
  4. Key in your location and the location you want the Roadie to go to for pickup/drop off
  5. Enter the details of pickup/drop off such as the item and delivery instructions
  6. Submit!

It’s the perfect app to have during the MCO period as it ensures Malaysians practice social distancing and it takes care of all your delivery needs while you #stayhome. Interested to find out more? Visit their website at www.bungkusit.com.my and get ready to sit back, relax and let Bungkusit bungkus it!

Source: Wikimedia

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