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From Garlic Chicken Rice To ROCK Cafe, Here’s 11 Things Sunway Students CONFIRM Can Relate To



Source: Sunway City & Taufulou

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As one of the most popular private universities in the Klang Valley, there are probably a huge number of us who have been through the annals of Sunway University’s campus, whether it be for our foundation studies, or undergraduate degree programs (myself included). In which case, here are 11 things ALL Sunway students can guarantee relate to. 


1. Basement Car Park ALWAYS Full Before 9am

For those of us who drive to campus every morning, this is one struggle we legit face every day. If you don’t arrive on campus before 9am, confirm you will have no place to park in the basement. And forget about parking outside near Family Mart. No parking also. 


2. Library is The BEST Place To Sleep Between Classes 

Sometimes, our class schedules have damn big gaps between one another. Which means that you can come to campus for a class that starts at 8am and ends at 10 am, but then you won’t have any classes until 12 pm. So what do you do in the meantime? … Go sleep in library lo

What, you thought we were kidding ah.


3. ROCK Cafe Is Your Second Home On Campus 

Probably the most iconic landmark for Sunway students, every single one of us has likely been to ROCK Cafe to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, or to just chill over RM1.90 kopi ais. With such a huge variety of food for cheap, ROCK Cafe is truly a rite of passage for every Sunway student.

P.s. the Indonesian nasi campur inside ROCK Cafe is actually damn good and damn cheap, next to the Indian mixed rice stall. 


4. Starbucks On Mezzanine Floor Is Where Everyone Pretends To Be ‘Atas’ 

A relatively new addition to our campus, if you have ever been to the Mezzanine floor in the new building, then you’ll know that the Starbucks kiosk is where most of the ‘Rich Kids of Sunway University’ and mat salleh lecturers hang out for their morning coffee. 


5. There Are Six Lifts In The New Building But They Are ALWAYS PACKED During Class Hours 

Let’s face it guys, six lifts for 12 floors in the new building, there is just no way to avoid facing the jam when you have to rush for your next class. Literally every day, the six elevators in the new building will be full of people, and every time you try to squeeze in, you’ll be crushed. 


6. So Sometimes, We Are Willing To Walk Up The Stairs To Class 

Yes, even if it means walking up to the 7th floor. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The struggle is very real. (My own department is on 9th floor. RIP.)


7. You’ve Bought Onigiri To Eat In The Back of The Lecture Hall

One of the most beloved snacks on campus, almost every Sunway student will have known about the convenience and beauty in sneaking in an onigiri into the lecture hall to eat. 


8. Or If You Super Brave, You Tapau Garlic Chicken Rice

Do we need to say more? When it comes to some of the best food around campus, the garlic chicken rice stall across the street still is the best place to grab and go. Or if you have time, sit down and eat, and enjoy the free soup. #garlicchickenrice4lyfe


9. Use Your Friend’s Student I.D To Go To Library (before Face ID)

There are days (many days) when we very clumsy, wind up forgetting to bring our own student I.D to get into the library. But if you have VERY generous friends, you can just ‘pinjam’  their student I.D to enter. Just don’t tell anyone la.


10. Face Recognition Don’t Recognise Your Face At Library Entrance 

Unfortunately now, you need to use Face Recognition to enter the library. If you have been part of the new batch of students who have to use the library’s new Face Recognition system, you will have ‘faced’ this issue before, where the Face Recognition system doesn’t recognise your face. Then you wave at the librarian.


11. Looking Like You Just Showered After Using The Canopy Walk During Afternoons

Much as the Canopy Walk that links Sunway Pyramid to campus is super convenient, the fact that it gets incredibly hot during afternoons means that you wind up soaked with sweat by the time you get to the mall.

So how many of these things can you relate to as a Sunway student? 


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