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This Genius Sweater Answers All Your Relative’s Questions for You During CNY



This Genius Sweater Answers all Your Relative's Questions for You During CNY - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Apple Daily / Taobao

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Chinese New Year should be a relaxing and stress-free holiday for everyone as all we want to do is just eat, and eat, and eat. For some reason however, there will always be a few relatives who’d ask us some really personal questions and judge us based on our answers. You know who they are! 

Well, it seems like there’s now a way to prevent them from asking those questions. Just recently, a sweater went viral on social media because of the wordings printed on it. It features a series of witty/sarcastic phrases like:

  • Please don’t ask about my results
  • Your children are the best
  • My salary is confidential
  • I’m dieting, I can’t eat a lot
  • I don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Whatever you say is true

Sounds like what you’ve been dying to tell your relatives? 

If you look at these phrases carefully, you’ll notice that they’re all actually answers to famous questions our kepoh relatives would often ask us whenever we see them, such as, “Got boyfriend/girlfriend already ar?”

Source: Apple Daily

To avoid making the situation too awkward or unpleasant while making our lives easier, the manufacturer is smart enough to print ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ and ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ on the sleeves.

This genius creation has already been selling like hot cakes in China and some 400 bachelors have reportedly snagged one up the first day it debuted. The sweater can be purchased on Taobao for about 70 Yuan to 100 Yuan (approx. RM42 to RM61).

FYI, the sweater comes in two colours, festive red and morbid black, so y’know, you can wear whichever hue you feel best illustrates your mood on that day. 

Source: Apple Daily

Source: Apple Daily

Source: Taobao

Pure genius!

With this sweater on, you don’t have to run away from your relatives anymore this Chinese New Year and beyond; and if you’re keen on buying one, here’s the link!

Know any of your friends who could use one of these sweaters? Tag them in the comment section! 


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