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Girl Jokingly Jumps onto Railway Tracks as Train Was Oncoming to Scare BF During Argument



Source: Pear Video

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How was this a joke to her? Life is not a joke wei…

A woman in China recently jumped onto the train tracks during an argument with her boyfriend on Monday (12 November). She was, however, rescued seconds before an oncoming train made its way to where she was. So scary!

According to Daily Mail, the 33-year-old woman named Wang admitted to jumping onto the tracks at Nanjing South Railway Station as a joke to scare her boyfriend.

“I did it as a joke, I’m sorry.”

Source: Pear Video

Source:Pear Video

Source: Pear Video

Source: Pear Video

The footage that was captured shows the woman running from the platform towards the oncoming train and she was quickly pulled off the tracks while the train made an immediate stop. Close call! 

“Someone pulled me up right after I jumped. I turned back and saw the train passing by my feet – I was so scared and my mind went blank.”

Since China will be implementing the social credit system in a few years, the officer told her the incident could have affected her social credit score.

The high-speed train bound for Xuzhou was delayed as a result and Wang has been fined 200 yuan (approx. RM121) for the reckless act, according to Chinese media.

After the footage went viral on China’s social media platforms, netizens were criticizing her immature act on Weibo, by commenting:

“I would break up with her immediately if I was her boyfriend.”

“She should jump off the building to see if her boyfriend can pull her up in time.”

“She should be sentenced to three or five years in prison, we’ll see if it’s a joke then.”

You can watch the short clip here:

Even in a heated argument, you should think twice about your actions, especially if it may affect those around you. Risking your life just as how this girl did is not funny! 


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