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Goodhearted DHL Deliveryman Gives Elderly Man Piggyback Ride to Cross Busy Road



Source: Stomp

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A video of a DHL Express courier giving a piggyback ride to an elderly man to cross a busy junction in Singapore broke the internet, with STOMP naming it ‘the most uplifting video you’ll watch today’.

The incident which occurred at the junction of Waterloo Street and Middle Road was caught on camera by an onlooker who recorded the whole thing.

DHL have their own superhero.

Not all superheroes wear capes."Witnessed this kind deed this morning 17/5/19 at about 10:45am at Waterloo Street and Middle Road junction.A DHL driver stopped his vehicle & helped an elderly person who had mobility issues to cross the road. As the traffic lights turned green this guy did the most amazing thing." – Hambali LeonardiVideo submission by Hambali Leonardi

Posted by ROADS.sg on Thursday, May 16, 2019

Speaking to STOMP, the camera person said:

“There was heavy traffic and the traffic light had turned green for vehicles. The car beside me suddenly stopped, which made me wonder why. That’s when I saw the elderly man having difficulty crossing the road due to mobility issues. The DHL driver stopped his vehicle at one side, crossed over and came to provide assistance.”

Truly a wonderful act of kindness!

According to DHL driver Anson Chung, he was on his way making a delivery when he saw the elderly attempting to cross the road.

Source: STOMP

“The traffic light had already turned green and cars were stopping for him. I just wanted to help him cross the road safely so he could get home. That’s all that crossed my mind.”

“I stopped my van at a safe place and went to help him. He had problems walking, so I decided to give him a piggyback.”

Speaking to STOMP, the Managing Director of DHL Express Singapore Christopher Ong was proud of Anson Chung, adding that he has a big heart.

Source: STOMP

“We are glad that he was there at the right time and place to lend a helping hand. He is a role model to all our employees of how we can be connecting people and improving lives beyond just delivering parcels.”

What Anson did serves as proof that not all superheroes wear capes.

We sincerely hope that when met with the same situation, each and every one us would lend a helping hand to restore faith in humanity just like what Anson has done. 

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