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Grandma Can’t Buy Snacks For Grandkids, So She Hoards Fruits From Nursing Home For Them



Source: Facebook

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Grandmothers are God’s gift to grandchildren, mainly because they never ever let their grandkids go hungry. Well, technically, they’d never let their grand-kids go without completely stuffing them – period.

And they’ll do it even if they don’t have a penny in their pocket.

Netizen Hannah Lee Yeng recently took to the popular Facebook group, Subtle Asian Traits to showcase how her grandmother, who lives in a nursing home, has no money and lives with dementia,  feeds her every time she visits her.

Source: Facebook

The nursing home that Hannah’s grandmother stays in serves a fruit with every meal. Instead of eating her fruit, Hannah’s grandmother keeps them in her room for when Hannah and her other grandchildren come to visit.

Hannah wrote, “My 97-year-old PohPoh invited me into her room at the nursing home to offer me some fruit. She used to give her grand-kids food and snacks but after she moved out of her home and into the nursing home she hasn’t had any money to buy us anything. She was so disappointed but found another way to feed us. I thought she saved me an apple from lunch but it turns out she’s been hoarding fruit for us.”

Source: Facebook

Hannah grandmother had chosen to stay at a nursing home because she valued her independence, but unfortunately, due to dementia, she had to be moved to higher care as those with dementia require around the clock care and a nursing home would be better suited for such situations.

But Hannah and her family, who are sad that their grandmother is unable to live with them, visit and spend time regularly with their grandma.

Source: Facebook

Hannah’s adorably sweet grandmother has since garnered the posting over 10,000 reactions.

Be right back, calling my grandmother, and you should too.


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