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Grandma THROWS Sick & Crying 2yo From 6th Floor, Closes the Window & Goes Back to Sleep



Grandma Throws 2yo From 6th Floor as She Was Sick, Closes the Window & Goes Back to Sleep - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: The Indian Express & Magicbricks

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Grandmothers are by extension, mothers to their own grandchildren. Hence the ‘mother’ bit in grandmother. Given their years of matronly wisdom, one would expect them to be able to offer true tender loving care to the youngest members of the family.

But in this instance, this grandmother proves that compassion, empathy and love are not universal. In a story published by The Indian Express, a grandmother did the unthinkable when she threw her 2-year-old granddaughter off from the sixth floor of her apartment, killing her. 

The horrific incident happened in the Malad East district of Mumbai, where between 5.30 am and 5.45 am on Saturday (29th September 2019), 2-year-old Jiya Ansari was found laying on the ground outside the family home, bleeding.

Her family, who were awoken by neighbours, rushed her to hospital, but unfortunately she was already dead on arrival.

Police investigators who were on the case said that they noticed the front door and kitchen window from where Jiya had fallen from were both closed, implying that the act was not committed by an outsider, but someone within the family. 

“The manner in which Jiya’s body was found also suggested that she been thrown out,” said an officer who was working on the case.

Further investigations revealed that Jiya’s grandmother never took a liking to her after she was born, and would often despise the fact that her granddaughter had to live with her. She even fought with her son and daughter-in-law only two days ago about the matter and promptly left in fumes.

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But it was on Friday night when Jiya’s grandmother had enough of her granddaughter, as she was reportedly sick and was crying non-stop, keeping the family awake till 3am.

Annoyed and angered, the grandmother lifted 2-year-old Jiya from her bed and hurled her from the kitchen window, before closing it and then going back to bed!

It remains unclear as to what will happen to Jiya’s cruel grandmother, as investigations into the case are still ongoing.

We hope that baby Jiya will be able to rest in peace, and that her grandmother will be met with the harshest extent of the law.


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