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Groom Sends KFC To His Fiancee As Dowry Because She Loves Fried Chicken So Much



Source: Twitter

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When we talk about dowry for marriage, we normally think of gold or money – but one Malaysian couple decided to do things differently as their dowry was rather unique.

Malay Mail wrote that the bride, Ayu, made an unusual request to her groom for their engagement ceremony – she asked for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Sharing her peculiar yet intriguing hantaran on her Twitter handle – which garnered over 11,000 retweets – it’s safe to say that we are amused by the couple’s humour. You can read her tweet below:

Ayu shared that her fiance initially didn’t know what to send for the last dowry tray. So, since she loves fried chicken so much, she asked him to buy KFC for the last tray. Before that, Ayu asked him if he was up for the request and he agreed. She wrote,

“He was only worried who would make a run to buy the chicken. I told him if it was difficult, gift something else and he kept quiet until the day itself.”

“I did not expect he would actually send KFC as a dowry.”

Obviously, when Ayu saw the box of KFC on her hantaran dulang, she was ecstatic. Not only that, but she was also very amused by her fiance’s effort to get her KFC for her dowry.

Sadly, the chicken got cold by the end of the ceremony and we all know that KFC is best eaten while still hot. Nevertheless, the guests’ stomachs were full after they ate the fried chicken even though it got cold. Nice! 

Well, we wish this cute couple best of luck and all the happiness in the world. We hope that they will continue to be the happy and quirky couple they already are.


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