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Guy Gets Super Uneven Haircut But Salon Aunty Said “It Will Grow Back, Don’t Think So Much”



Source: Joshua Then

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While non-essential businesses still remain close, everyone – especially the guys – have been deprived of haircuts. While waiting for barbers and hair salons to reopen, many have resorted to having their partners cut their hair for them while the rest just have to wait it out.

But imagine finally being able to get a haircut only to get one that’s visibly lopsided and you were better off just not cutting your hair at all.

On 12 May, hairdressers in Singapore were allowed to operate after two weeks of closure during the circuit breaker measures. One Singaporean who went for a haircut at Woodlands left with a bad review for the salon as his hair came out noticeably uneven!

Joshua Then posted photos of his haircut on Facebook and said that the aunty who had cut his hair told him that “it’s okay” as his “hair will grow back”.

He shared that the aunty even tried to deny that it was her fault and refused to fix the haircut when he asked her to make it even. But the aunty just told him “don’t think so much”.

Here’s how his haircut looks from the side:

And the other side:

Some netizens commented on his post saying they had a similar experience at the same salon.

Others said he should have checked the reviews first as most of them were bad.

Still, others said that it was the shape of his head that landed him with this bad haircut.

Here’s the original post:

Posted by Joshua Then on Monday, May 18, 2020

Well, hair does grow back, but it’s still a waste of time and money if you were to get a bad one. Perhaps, learn how to cut your own hair like this guy did!


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Source: Joshua Then
Source: Joshua Then
Source: Joshiua Then
Source: Joshua Then
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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