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Guy Warns Malaysians to Beware of Calls Received from Foreign Countries



Malaysian Man Cautions Netizens to Beware of These Foreign Numbers - World Of Buzz

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Nowadays, scams come in all sorts of forms, with the most popular one being through phone calls.

Just recently, a guy named Alan shared his experience on Facebook after he received calls from unidentified numbers. You know one of those very long and weird numbers right?

Here’s what he wrote:

“XXX, I’ve seen the post you tagged me just now, and it has already happened to me last night.

“Luckily I was too lazy to pick up the call at midnight, or else I would’ve been scammed. Thanks for reminding me.

“If you guys see any numbers like these that are calls from England, better don’t answer unless you have family members staying there. I believe this is yet another new tactic from some syndicate.”

Apparently the phone calls were made between 3.17am and 4.55am.

Source: Facebook

In just less than a day, the post went viral and was shared almost 5,000 times.

What’s really shocking is the fact that Alan isn’t the only victim. In his viral post, there were thousands over of comments from users warning their friends not to fall for such tricks as many of them had encountered the exact same ordeal.

The situation was apparently more serious than he thought as many netizens already kena liao.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

While most netizens received such calls from one country, this ‘lucky’ girl received calls from all over the world. #MrsWorldwide

Source: Facebook

A few other netizens also received similar calls from Belgium, Maldives and Brazil. Some answered the call but there was no voice from the other end. Others even hung up immediately after the call was answered. That’s real creepy man…

Although no one knows how the scam actual works, it is just better to be safe than sorry. Just don’t pick up such calls guys.

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