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Happy V Day! Here’s Some Tips For LDR Couples To Celebrate The Day of Love



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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is not only the third day of Chinese New Year but also a significant day for love birds to celebrate — Valentine’s Day. Lucky for those who can celebrate this day with their love ones by their sides, but couples in a long-distance relationship may feel lonely today as they’re unable to be with their other half physically.

As someone who has been through a long-distance relationship, I understand how difficult it is, especially when your love language is spending quality time together or physical touch. Now with the global pandemic ongoing and the movement control order in Malaysia, it makes it even more difficult for long-distance couples to meet.

Yes, couples living in different cities may sometimes encounter problems such as insecurities, trapped feelings and dissatisfaction, but that doesn’t mean we do not cherish the relationship! Therefore, in line with this special day, couples in long-distance relationships, here are several ways you can celebrate with your loved ones together!

1. Video-calling & Doing Things Together

Making use of technology and always staying connected is the key to a healthy relationship. On Valentine’s Day, you and your other half can video call each other and do things together, such as cooking, exercising, or just chatting with each other about how your day is going.

Some may feel the need to always talk and stay focused during a video call, but that is not necessarily the case! You can stay silent and do your own tasks while video calling your loved one as if they are just right beside you.

2. Surprise Them With Food

Ordering food online and getting it delivered to your doorsteps has already become a norm nowadays, but you can take it to another level by surprising your babe on this day!

Just go onto the food delivery application, type in your babe’s address and order his/her favourite food. Remember to not tell them that you are getting them food first, because who doesn’t like a little surprise in life?

3. Clear Their Shopping Carts

Doesn’t matter if you are far apart or not, surprises are what keeps the relationship’s spark going. Other than ordering food for your loved ones, you can also buy them something (like flowers, chocolates) and get the gifts delivered to their house.

If you have the budget, you can even get onto your darling’s online shopping applications and clear their carts! Pretty sure they would be more than excited, and yes, this can also be done from a long distance! Embrace technology.

4. Watch Movies Together

Did you know you can actually watch movies with someone synchronously? Other than the commonly used social media applications like Messenger, Instagram and video-calling platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Discord and more where you can share screens, all it takes is just googling to look for a website where you can watch not only movies but any videos together.

A movie date, but virtually. Sounds just as romantic to me!

5. Creative Photoshoots

Plan with your partners! On this year’s Valentine’s day, dress up and create some unique photos together. You can both dress up similarly with the same colour scheme, or even cosplay as your favourite characters!

Get creative with the photoshoots, such as blow a kiss or throw hearts. You may be far apart, yet with these unique photos, it’s as if you are just right beside each other!

It takes effort for a long-distance relationship to maintain and not lose affection, so do something and celebrate with your partner on this special day!

Once again, Happy Valentine’s Day to all, and if you don’t have a valentine, it is also a good day to have fun and treat yourself! 


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