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“He lied & belittled a young lady in parliament,” Malaysians Share Their Thoughts On Veveonah Matter



Source: Selangor Journal & Veveonah

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By now most of us are familiar with the issue regarding a minister and a girl named Veveonah who had risen to fame with her video where she stayed on a treetop to get internet access.

On 3 September, in a Dewan Negara session, the Deputy Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin said that Veveonah is just a YouTuber who didn’t sit for any examinations when the video was recorded.

As the news broke out, many of Veveonah’s friends and peers took to social media to defend her. Some of them even shared their examination timetable to back up their words.

As the tides began to turn against the deputy minister, he issued out an apology on Facebook in where he says that he got false information and that he would like to apologise to her.

Many netizens were angered when they read the statement as they believe it is insincere.

One netizen tweeted this;

“It’s so easy to be an elitist minister. He ridiculed the rakyat and then just apologised. Malaysian youths, stand up soon to push these elitists who do not know our lives aside.”

Another netizen by the name of Mahirah said,

“This is slander. The minister gaslit the people who needed the most help. Even if she lied (which she did not), it will be the best ever because it benefited one of the most marginalised communities.”

Other Malaysians echoed that the main issue was about how Veveonah was trying to bring up how internet and connectivity are scarce in rural areas. They are of the opinion that the government should strive to provide essential infrastructure to the people rather than slandering and accusing people with false information.

One of Veveona’s classmates took to Twitter to express her disappointment that people trusted the minister for what he said. The classmate even added that the aim of her tweet was to let everyone know that Veveona is an honest, genuine person who just wanted to share her experience and to spread awareness.

Another netizen brought up how a deputy minister’s false words can have a negative implication on a young girl.

Other netizens are of the opinion that the deputy minister and all his officers should resign while some say that this is proof that the ‘boomers’ are not able to lead the country as they are incapable and unfit.

Another netizen said,

Last but not least, MP Syed Saddiq has spoken out about it.

“If you want to help solve the problem of Internet accessibility, do it. Don’t ridicule the youth and people in rural areas.” He then followed up the statement by saying that he will be supporting Veveonah as she is an inspiration to the Malaysian youths.

What do you think about this issue? Go off in the comments.


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