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“He was a brilliant kid” M’sian Kindergarten Teacher Realises Uncle Roger Used To Be Her Student 20yrs Ago!



Source: Jessica Chen

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It was a moment of disbelief when a Malaysian kindergarten teacher realised that the famous Uncle Roger was actually her student over 20 years ago!

Her daughter, Jessica Chen, shared on Subtle Malaysian Traits that her mother had recently watched some Uncle Roger videos and noticed that the name ‘Nigel Ng’ (which is Uncle Roger’s real name) sounded vaguely familiar.

Her mother then recalled that she used to have student in the kindergarten she used to own more than 20 years ago named Nigel Ng, but dismissed the thought and continued watching, only to realise that Uncle Roger’s mannerisms and smile really reminded her of the Nigel kid in her school.

“So out of pure curiosity, she went to look Nigel Ng up on Wikipedia,” Jessica wrote.

“(She) found out Uncle Roger/Nigel hails from the same hometown that her student was. Still no biggie, right?”

At dinner that day, Jessica said her mother told her family about it, after which Jessica’s brother decided to dig up some old photos from the kindergarten photo archives. To their surprise, they actually found photos of Nigel Ng as a kid!

“After more stalking (at this point we’re just borderline creeps, sorry), we are 100% sure that Uncle Roger is Nigel Ng from my mom’s kindergarten in the district of Cheras, in KL,” Jessica wrote.

Jessica then shared several photos of five-year-old Nigel Ng at her mother’s school and from the looks of it, there’s no doubt that it is indeed Nigel Ng!

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Jessica’s mother said that Nigel Ng was one of the top students in her class.

“He was brilliant, sharp and a smart kid. Attentive, well-behaved, not boisterous and communicated well,” she said, adding that Nigel was only in her school for about a year, but did very well.

Malaysian netizens beamed with pride that the popular Uncle Roger grew up so close to home.

  • “The resemblance is uncanny omg”
  • “Uncle Roger, is that really you?! Cheras lang?! Haiyaaaaaa”
  • “Uncle roger and I from the same Taman”
  • “Fuiyohhhhhh I guess your mom also taught him how to make egg fried rice 🌚”
  • “Wonder if Uncle Roger got the Haiyaaaaa from his kindergarten teacher 😂🤭”

Jessica’s post soon got the attention of Nigel Ng after a netizen posted the photos on her Instagram story which Nigel Ng reposted.

Ayyy, aren’t you proud that the famous Uncle Roger is Malaysian? And from Cheras too!


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Source: SCMP
Source: Jessica Chen
Source: Jessica Chen

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