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Heartless Stepmother Violently Abuses 4yo Stepdaughter, Cutting Her Lips With Scissors



Source: Sin Chew Daily

In some of the most horrific cases of child abuse to emerge recently, it has been reported by Chinese dailies Sin Chew and China Press that a four-year-old girl from China was found cruelly abused by her own stepmother to a point of critical injury. The abuse incident, which occurred in Heilongjiang province, was said to have been committed by the young girl’s stepmother after her biological father remarried.

The news first broke cover over Chinese social media platform Weibo through a Heilongjiang-based provincial farm’s official page, which showed the young toddler bearing grisly scars and injuries all over her face and body. When she was rushed to the hospital, initial investigations showed that the toddler had considerable swelling in her face.

In addition, it was said that her stepmother had used scissors to cause grievous injury to the young girl’s lips by cutting it, and that the young girl sported bruises all over her forehead. This is on top of the numerous scars and cigarette burns that were found on her body.

As though the abuse wasn’t severe enough on its own, the girl was also found to have been starving, and had been trying to eat toilet paper out of sheer desperation.

According to Sanli News, the little girl was admitted into intensive care and had to undergo surgery for her injuries. Hospital staff also alerted the police upon receiving the toddler under their care, which led to her stepmother being arrested.

Epoch Times reports that the girl’s biological mother had lost custody of her daughter in 2018 after going through a divorce with her husband. Despite trying to fight for custody of her own daughter, she had failed and her daughter was supposed to have been living with her husband’s parents.

However towards the end of December 2019, her daughter unexpectedly was moved in with her biological father and her new stepmother. Unable to visit her due to the Covid-19 epidemic in China earlier this year, her biological mother had no clue as to what happened to her daughter until recently.

“My only thought now is to focus on my daughter’s medical treatment.”

“I don’t want my daughter to be hurt so badly again, I will fight for custody. Those who hurt my daughter will have to be held accountable.” she said.

It has been reported that the girl’s stepmother has been detained at Jiamusi City Detention Center on the evening of 27th April 2020 after admitting to abusing the girl. Local prosecutors are now involved in the investigations into the abuse.

We hope that the little girl will recover from her injuries soon, and that the woman responsible will be held to the fullest extent of the law’s reach. 


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Source: Yahoo News
Source: Yahoo News

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