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Heartwarming Video Shows Muslim Man Being Welcomed to Pray in Sikh Temple in Ipoh



Source: Ipoh Echo & Daily Mail

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Now, this is the true essence of Malaysia – unity and harmony, regardless of race or religion. 

Metro reported that a Gurdwara in Ipoh opened its doors to a Muslim brother who couldn’t find a nearby mosque or surau to perform his prayers. Awwh, faith in humanity restored. 

Source: Ipoh Echo

A video of the man in a blue shirt went viral all over the internet as it showed him praying towards Mecca as Sikh Hymns were sung on the microphone at Gurdwara Sahib Bercham. A beautiful sight of two faiths praising God in their own way. 

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Source: Facebook

Obviously, this act of kindness garnered the attention of netizens who were appreciative of the people who opened the Gurdwara doors for the man to perform his prayers. So heartwarming.

Some netizens commented that this move was very motivating as it sets a very good example to the masses. They saluted the Sikh community for their tolerance and graciousness that was shown towards the Muslim brother who needed a place to perform his prayers.


Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter

On the other hand, another netizen also shared a similar incident that occurred to her husband when he needed a place to pray and couldn’t find one. She said he would pray in a church in Croydon, England without any disturbances or objections from any of the church-goers.

Source: Twitter

One netizen shared that this move should serve as an inspiration for everyone to come together and stand in unity.

Source: Twitter

This move definitely sets a good example of how one should be more accepting of other races and religions, which is important for a multinational country like us. Hopefully, this video will serve as a reminder for us to be kind to each other every day.

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