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Heineken Now Has Non-Alcoholic Beverage & It’s Available in Malaysia in July 2019!



Source: Heineken / Instagram

This is great news! 

According to The Star, Heineken Malaysia Bhd just launched their non-alcoholic malt beverage, Heineken 0.0, and it will available in stores as well as on their website (Drinkies) starting July 2019.

They are venturing into a new business path as they cater to the “growing customer trends” that are focused on good health. Oh, that sounds interesting! 

Heineken Malaysia’s managing director Roland Bala shared that he is very confident that their new beverage will be received well in Malaysia, as the product has been doing brisk sales in 39 countries.

Source: The Star

Prior to the Malaysian launch, approximately 800,000 hectolitres (80 million litres) of Heineken 0.0 were successfully sold in different countries. Speaking to the reporters at the launch yesterday (20th June 2019), Roland was quoted as saying,

“We are selective of the innovations that are relevant to Malaysia and believe that Heineken 0.0 is primed for success.”

“We are introducing Heineken 0.0 to give our consumers a new option, so that they can stay in control while having fun, and we look forward to the support of Malaysian consumers.”

If you didn’t know, Heineken’s alcohol-free beverage has been available in Asia since 2018 as it already launched in Singapore. Then, the non-alcoholic was brought to Thailand early this year (2019).

At this point, you may be wondering how to differentiate the new non-alcoholic beverage label from the classic-green Heineken label. 

It’s pretty easy because the non-alcoholic beverage comes with a blue label, which is often linked to the non-alcoholic category. You’ll be excited to know that the Heineken 0.0 is double-brewed and made from scratch. Whoa, this is the real deal!  

It will have a balanced fruity flavour as well as a “soft malty body”. Not only that but Heineken isn’t fooling around with their goal to create a healthy, non-alcoholic beverage, because this new drink is brewed with 100 per cent natural ingredients. Diet-conscious people would be glad to know that this beverage has only 53 calories per 250ml serving. My, oh my! 

Heineken 0.0 | Source: Heineken

However, Heineken fans may worry that this new drink will not have the same taste as the classic Heineken beer. Well, you needn’t worry that much because they “gently remove the alcohol through vacuum distillation” and blend the brew perfectly to make sure that the good ol’ Heineken taste remains.

Having said that, the Heineken non-alcoholic beverage is recommended to be sold at the prices mentioned below:

  • Retail price – RM8.40 per bottle 
  • Bar price – RM14 per bottle 

Even though Heineken 0.0 is alcohol-free, do keep in mind that the beverage is targeted at their existing market, which is customers above 21 years old and non-Muslims. Take note, guys!

Source: Instagram

We are definitely excited to try the new Heineken 0.0. Let us know in the comment if you will be trying the new non-alcoholic beverage too! 


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