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“Help me spend this money” M’sians Jokingly Flex Their Wealth on FB Group



Source: Riak Apa Hari Ini

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Sometimes a good wealth flex is what you need!

When the first MCO was implemented, a Facebook group called Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ini went viral as Malaysians shared their cooking fails. During this second round of MCO, another group is going viral called “Riak Apa Hari Ini” which loosely translated means “What Are You Showing Off Today”.

The group is simply a humourous attempt of Malaysians attempting to “flex” their wealth. No harm comes from the group as everyone knows the posts are purely just for laughs.

1. The “Can’t Afford Cool Fever”

2. The “Cheap” Coasters

“Have you ever cooked (because you are tired of eating your maid’s food) then you can’t find any pot or glass base (because you rarely enter the kitchen as later the smell of food will stick to your expensive clothes)?”

“Do not worry! Just use your MacBook Air or iPad to cover your Le Creuset (other pots were too light) or even your iPhone 12 Pro Max for a glass cover. There is definitely a gadget that’s the right size to be used as a base.”

3. Looking for arrangement suggestions

“I feel like it’s cluttering my eyes. Any suggestions on how to arrange this?”

4. The Fancy Catto

“I’m feeding my cat fresh bawal fish from the market today!”

5. The “Help Me Spend My Money”

“My husband gave me, asking to buy a headscarf, can you suggest me where to get one? One will be enough, I just need to finish off this money, help me please.”

6. The “Look At My Santan”

“Is it true that this brand of santan is good but why is it so heavy? Oh, I forgot I’m wearing this 2-inch thick bracelet!”

The content of this group is obviously not meant to be taken seriously. It’s merely Malaysians trying to have fun with mundane things during these uncertain times!


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