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HELP: M’sian Is Going Bankrupt As Irresponsible People Keep Dumping Strays At Her Home



Source: Shui Fen Dogs

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If you think living in a house full of dogs is a dream come true, this real-life story might change your mind.

It all began in mid-February 2020 Shui Fen and her grandmother opened up their humble home in Seri Kembangan to rescue 20 stray dogs whose lives were at risk.


People taking advantage and dumping more than 17 strays with her

Knowing that she couldn’t possibly afford to feed these dogs on her own, Shui Fen started a Facebook page called Shui Fen Dogs to appeal to netizens online for help.

While many concerned netizens flooded her inbox with messages, asking how they could help, others took advantage of Shui Fen’s kindness and used the contact details on her Facebook page to locate her house and dump other stray dogs there! Since she started the page, 17 more dogs were dumped at her house. As of right now, Shui Fen is looking after 42 strays. 

“The future is very blur even for the 24 dogs rescued from the council, how are we supposed to cope with more dogs? Please understand. Please show us some mercy.”

“One lady even tied 8 dogs to our gate with a letter stapled with RM500, saying he dogs belong to her mom who passed away and she was under no obligation to take care of them.”


Being the sole income earner in the household

Adding to the four stray dogs that the family pair saved prior to this, Shui Fen and her grandma struggled to obtain sufficient funds to keep all the dogs fed while maintaining their own livelihoods. Shui Fen works till late every day and is the sole income earner of her household. Her grandma, on the other hand, stays home to look after their furry friends.

The caring dog-lover told WORLD OF BUZZ that she never accepted monetary contributions. She only wanted people to send Kibbles and dog food so the multitude of doggos could be well-fed.


Exhausted, heartbroken, and nearing bankruptcy

Despite her enormous generosity and care for these doggos, Shui Fen can’t deny the financial disaster she’s faced with. “Apart from being exhausted, heartbroken and nearing a mental breakdown, we are also nearing bankruptcy. For 16 years my granny never touched her pension money but today she withdrew all her pension to buy kibbles for the dogs.”

I work double shifts, day and night,  just to save money for the dogs’ vaccination and deworming. It’s only been four days since my salary came in and I have only RM750 left for petrol and food for the rest of the month. This is why I’m posting again on this page now, we tried and we failed.

“We still need your help with the dogs kibbles. Now with 42 dogs it takes 2 bags of 15kg kibbles to feed them daily. Any brand, please send via Lazada,” pleaded the heartbroken dog-carer.


MCO has left a lot of animal shelters full and financially drained

You may be wondering why Shui Fen hasn’t sent any of these doggos to animal shelters. Unfortunately, she’s tried to but the response she received was less than welcoming. “Not even 1 of them wanted to help to adopt. FULL. The word is confirmed in each phone call. Some shelters even told us not to reveal that they refused to take in dogs. Another famous shelter whom we have donated to before said, “you can’t help them all”.

If you’d like to adopt a dog from her, you’re more than welcome!


Pleads to stop dumping dogs at her home

She also urged dog dumpers to stop committing the selfish act, “Please, we beg you please don’t dump any more dogs in our house. We are already looking for another place to move into and we can’t take in any more dogs, please.”

If you are able to help in any way that you can, do contact Shui Fen at 011-2638 4184 or message her on Shui Fen Dogs. Additionally, share this article to spread her story out. She needs all the help we can get!

Do take note that she receives an inbox full of messages daily so be patient when expecting a reply! Hopefully, Shui Fen and her grandma receives the aid they need soon. 


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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