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“Her last moments were filled with betrayal”, Dog Dumped By Owner, Ran Over & Dies A Tragic Death



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It’s true sometimes when people say, we don’t deserve dogs or as the matter, in fact, animals in general. All they know is to give unconditional love but do we ever repay them equally?

Let go of loving them but there are some humans who even lack the smallest amount of empathy to not torture them. An incident that happened in a pet sanctuary in Pekan Nanas, Johor shows how heartless some humans can be.

Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter shared a post about an incident that happened yesterday, 5 August where a dog was murdered by its owners. Eyewitnesses informed that there were 2 people in a white Myvi who drove up to their sanctuary and pushed the dog out of their car.

The dog tried desperately to run after the owner’s car and was hit by the car. Never once the car stopped instead it just sped off in a haste to leave the crime scene.

The owner of the shelter dashed out to check on the dog which laid in the middle of the road.

Unfortunately, the dog died on the spot due to internal haemorrhaging. Uncle Raymund, the owner of the shelter, moved her body to the side to avoid her body being run over.

“We can only imagine that in the dog’s mind, her last few minutes of life were filled with joy of going for a car ride with people she trusted only to be betrayed at the last second.”

They added that the dog was buried and they even planted a sapling on the grave. The shelter is aware of the increasing pet dumping that happens in their vicinity but most injured or sick pets are wary of strangers. In this case, the pets eventually succumb to their injuries or illness and die a slow and agonising death.

If you come across anyone abusing their pets, you can lodge a report to the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) at their email address here or contact them through Whatsapp at  019-2242233.

No pets deserve to suffer this fate! If you can no longer to care for your pet, neuter/spay them and rehome them. During these trying times, the least we can do is show more compassion to all living things.


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