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Here Are The Guidelines to Apply For a New FINAS Licence



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With the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) saga going on, Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah clarified that social media users are free to use platforms like TikTok and YouTube to produce videos as usual without having to apply for a licence.

But, what if some of us needed to apply for one?

Here is a list of guidelines we have found on the official website of FINAS to inform the public on the procedures required.

An applicant must first completely fill in the Application for New License (BPL -1). This form is available at the headquarters of the Licensing & Enforcement Department of FINAS, or any Regional Offices or Branch.

If you didn’t want to pay the office a visit, you could also download the form from the FINAS website www.finas.gov.my for free.

According to different types of application, it was stated that the BPL-1 form must be duly completed and attached with the following documents:

For the application for Sole Proprietorship/Partnership (Registration of Business)

  1. Copy of individual identification card and partners (if any)
  2. Approval from the Companies Commission of Malaysia or the latest Business Information Form

For the application of a private limited company (Registration)

  1. Memorandum of Company Association
  2. Form 24 for shareholders
  3. Form 32A if there is a change of shares
  4. Form 49 for the Company’s Directors

For applicants who apply for a Production Film/Video license only: –

  1. Applicants must be registered as owners of a private limited company
  2. Paid-up Capital is not less than RM 50,000
  3. CV/Resume of all shareholders of the company
  4. Production planning for either drama, telemovie, advertising and others for a period of 3 years in clock form
  5. The current account statements of the company for the last 3 months
  6. One shareholder must be a member of any association either Persatuan Seniman Malaysia (SENIMAN), Persatuan Sutradara
  7. Malaysia (FDAM), Persatuan Pekerja Profesional Filem Malaysia ([PROFIMA (PPFM)], Persatuan Karyawan Malaysia
  8. (KARYAWAN), Persatuan Penulis Skrin Malaysia (SWAM) or Persatuan Penerbit Televisyen Malaysia (PTVM) by submitting a copy of the receipt or copy of an active membership card
  9. Letter of approval from MIDA and other correspondence related (for PV license applicants only)

*All documents must be certified true copies by the Company Secretary or the Companies Commission of Malaysia

As for the applicants who are doing businesses in shopping centres, stall or markets that are built by the Government or Private sector, they would need to provide the Premises Lease Agreement/Business Lot.

Here is a list of License Fee and deposit for Film Production (PF), Video Production (PV), Video Distribution (DV), Film Distribution (DF), Film Exhibition (EF) and Video Exhibition (EV):


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