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Here’s How M’sians Can Show Their Skin Some Love & Achieve Their Skincare Goals By CNY



Source: Nutox

According to facial Feng Shui beliefs, clear and smooth skin is reflective of good intentions and smooth sailing for the year ahead. Chinese New Year is a busy and lively time of celebrating traditions. With tasks from decorating our houses to cooking up delicious meals, we sometimes overlook grooming ourselves for the festivities! With this in mind, Nutox is excited to introduce the new Nutox Youth Restoring Hydrating Treatment Lotion as part of its line up of anti-ageing treatment lotions this Lunar New Year.

See for yourself what this Nutox line can do for your skin in this epic tale put together by Nutox in collaboration with Tata Studios entitled ‘The Queen’s Search‘:

How entertaining was that? It definitely piqued our curiosity to give this new line a try!

Nutox hopes to encourage women to not compromise on their self-care by providing them with the right skincare in preparation for the festive season so that they may look and feel their best. Here’s what you can expect from the new Nutox Youth Restoring Hydrating Treatment Lotion and their other products from this line:


1. It boasts MANY incredible properties

150ml, RM65.90

When it comes to skincare products, we want to make sure we get one that’s suitable for our skin while also ensuring it helps tackle all the skincare issues we face. Well, with the new Nutox Youth Restoring Hydrating Treatment Lotion, you can expect these benefits:

  • Superior hydrating qualities that cater to normal to dry skin types
  • Formulated with the brand’s signature anti-ageing technology
  • Packed with Oxyfusion for radiance, Hyaluronic Acid for hydration and potent Bird’s Nest extract to nourish and address anti-ageing concerns

FYI, Bird’s Nest is known as the “caviar of the East” and has earned its esteemed place in Chinese culture as a solution for youthful skin. Here’s what else you can expect from this incredible treatment lotion:


2. Got sensitive skin? Then the Nutox Youth Restoring Treatment Lotion is perfect for you

As a pioneer of harnessing the power of Bird’s Nest into modern skincare, Nutox treatment lotions cater to a variety of skin concerns and provide women with a smooth complexion to radiate youthful beauty as they usher in the year of the Ox. Embark on a year of great success and luck by gaining healthy vibrant skin from your inner “red” energy with the Nutox Youth Restoring Treatment Lotion which is meticulously formulated for those with concerns of sensitive skin to be hypoallergenic & pH-balanced by incorporating gentler ingredients to strengthen the skin barrier, resulting in soft and youthful skin.

150ml, RM65.90


3. You can pair it with the Essence that promises luminous complexion

150ml, RM79.90

Another facial Feng Shui belief is that glowing rosy cheeks are associated with auspicious and good fortune, which is easily achieved with the Nutox Renewing Treatment Moisturizing Essence. Here’s why you should try it if you haven’t already:

  • It’s made for all skin types and developed with Tri-LumiNes Complex to buff and lift away impurities for a radiantly luminous complexion
  • It’s designed to tone and prepare the skin
  • The lightweight and fast-absorbing Nutox treatment lotions deliver an instant boost to the skin and are best used after your cleanser, before serums or moisturizers of choice.

“There’s nothing more important than starting the new year on the right foot. The Lunar New Year is a joyous celebration often marked with beautiful traditions and the warmth of loved ones. We understand that preparation during any festive season can often be overwhelming as we do our best to uphold traditions and ensure our homes are ready for family and friends. Taking this into consideration, we have introduced Nutox Youth Restoring Hydrating Treatment Lotion to provide women with a simple solution that enables them to radiate that youthful beauty from within and not compromise on looking and feeling their best,” shared Vicky Lim, Head of Marketing & E-Commerce of Tohtonku Sdn Bhd.


4. It’s affordable & you could win some incredible prizes when you purchase some this CNY!


Nutox’s range of treatment lotions retails from RM65.90 to RM79.90 and is available in-stores as well as online at:

In celebration of the festive period and the launch of the new Nutox Youth Restoring Hydrating Treatment Lotion, the anti-ageing skincare brand is collaborating with major retail partners to offer consumers an array of exciting promotions and auspicious prizes too. Here’s where you can go to win big:

  • Watsons: Prizes valued up to RM38,888 with purchase of Nutox products worth RM68.
  • Guardian: Walk away with beautiful orchid pots to complement their radiant complexion.
  • Shopee: There will be a spend and win contest whereby three customers stand to win a luxury handbag worth up to a total of RM3,267!

Learn more about the new Nutox Youth Restoring Hydrating Treatment Lotion and Nutox Treatment lotions by visiting www.radiateyouthfulbeauty.nutox.my. For latest updates and promotions, do check out www.nutox.my or like their Facebook page here.


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