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Malaysia has a Mooncake That’s Costs a Whopping RM3,888!



This Made in Malaysia Mooncake Costs RM3,800, Here's Why - World Of Buzz
Source: China Press

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Mooncake is considered a luxury item for commoners as the price for just one of these typically ranges from RM15 to RM25, depending on the fillings as well as the skin type. However, this exorbitant mooncake just made the regular ones look like street food!

Earlier today, a record-breaking mooncake was born in Malaysia as it was priced at a mind-blowing RM3,888. Yeah, you heard that right!

Source: China Press

It was specially created by Leong Yin Pastry, a company that specialises in mooncakes, tarts and pineapple biscuits. Besides, they also sell wholesale mooncake ingredients to smaller manufacturers.

This giant mooncake weighing at 1.2kg is named ‘zhen yue’, and the fillings consist of 16 premium ingredients such as cordyceps, ginseng, saffron, royal jelly, molasses, lotus seed, jujube, longan and 24K edible gold, including other Chinese herbs. Now we know why it’s so expensive!

Source: China Press

The headlining act is not just all in the fillings though, as the ‘snow skin’ of the mooncake was made with cave bird’s nest, which is highly nutritious (and really expensive, duh). The ‘snow skin’ was chosen because it has the ability to retain all the essence and nutritional values of the fillings.

Source: China Press

Since all the items bear a hefty price tag, the company ended up spending RM3,200 to source for all these exotic ingredients. This in turn, is the reason the extreme mooncake retails at a whopping RM3,888. They need to make some money also what. 

This exorbitant price has earned the mooncake a spot in the Malaysian Book of Records for the most expensive mooncake in Malaysia.

Source: China Press

According to the chef, one ‘zhen yue’ mooncake is adequate for the consumption of one family as its quantity is equivalent to four regular mooncakes. However, you should per-order it two days in advance and finish it within three days since it doesn’t contain any preservatives. Wouldn’t want RM3.8k to go down the drain right?

As expected, netizens couldn’t believe their eyes after this news went viral on social media.

“If I have this kind of money, I might as well spend it on an iPhone,” a netizen commented. 

“With this kind of price tag, it better be made out of moon dust,” another netizen said. 

If we’re being honest, mooncake at this price point is just not made for any Tom, Dick and Harry. I don’t know about you guys but I’m just gonna stick to my regular mooncake! 


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