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Heroic Dog Barks and Scratches Door to Awaken Sleeping Brothers from Blazing Fire



Heroic Dog Barks to Awaken Sleeping Brothers from Blazing Fire - World Of Buzz
Source: ABS-CBN News

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Once again, dogs have proven themselves to be a man’s best friend.

On Thursday night, a fire had broke out at a mining camp in Benguet, Philippines at about 11pm. During the incident, two brothers Wilbur Santos, 14, and Kurt Santos, 12, were sound asleep in their room in an eight-bedroom bungalow. They were alone in the house as other occupants were either at work or on vacation, according to Sun Star.

Source: ABS-CBN News

Seeing that the fire was spreading rapidly, their pet dog, Miztah, quickly went to awaken its owners by scratching the door and barking relentlessly.

“He was howling at us. When I heard him, I immediately went outside. And then I saw the fire was spreading fast,” Wilbur said.

The house was already filled with thick smoke by the time he was awake. So he quickly woke his brother and neighbours up to run for their lives. The boy’s father who was a miner was in shock too when he received the news.

“I was so nervous when I was called from my work station underground. I was told that there was a fire at our place, and immediately I thought of my boys who were sleeping when I left our house. My heart was beating fast as I was worried about them,” Lander Santos, 36, said.

While waiting for the firefighters to arrive, they used pails and buckets of water to put out the fire. After two hours, the fire was put out but nothing survived the blaze.

“Nothing was saved from our house, including our housemates’ belongings. But the lives of my children are the most important. Thanks to God and our heroic dog, Miztah.”

Source: ABS-CBN News

The fire was believed to be caused by faulty electrical wires in one of the houses. Thankfully, no casualty was reported, but the plucky Miztah did suffer some minor burn injuries. :'(

If it wasn’t for the dog, the two brothers would’ve been killed in the fire. Kudos to the doggo!

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