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Honest M’sian Girl Returns RM1,600 Accidentally Transferred to Her Account After 6 Months of Searching



return money - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: MalaysiaKini

If we found that an amount of money has been credited to our bank account, some of us would possibly be happy with the sudden windfall and enjoy the money as our own. But that isn’t the case for this 26-year-old girl.

return money - WORLD OF BUZZ 5

Source: MalaysiaKini

According to MalaysiaKini, Wendy Lim, a 26-year-old student majoring in Social Work in Australia, decided to find the owner of the RM1.6k she suddenly found in her bank account.

Wendy spent 6 months trying to trace the owner of the money so she could return it back to the person. Coincidentally, in June last year, Mohamad Azim Mohd Nor had tried to trace the owner of a bank account named Wendy Lim after he accidentally transferred a total of RM1,600 into her bank account.

Inspiring 26yo Girl Return Money Transferred To Her Account By Mistake - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: MalaysiaKini

He went onto Twitter to seek help from the netizens to try and find Wendy so he could ask her to return the money. Mohamad Azim said he tried cancelling the transfer process, but since Wendy’s phone couldn’t be reached, he had no choice to bring it to his social media.

Sadly, shortly after the incident, Mohd Azim had to use his own money to pay a foreign worker. But he still tried reaching out to several Wendy Lims on Facebook to see if he could find the right one.

Inspiring 26yo Girl Return Money Transferred To Her Account By Mistake - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: MalaysiaKini

In November, a friend of Wendy’s helped her reach out to Mohamad Azim, and she agreed to return the RM1.6k to him after coming back from Australia.

Wendy said she understands the financial struggle Mohamad Azim went through as she had her university tuition to pay for as well. More importantly, she felt appreciated and is content the money will be used beneficially for Mohd Azim and his friends.

For the rest of us, we hope everyone can learn to be truthful and thoughtful of others, just like Wendy!


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