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Horrifying Video Shows Toddler Walking on Apartment Ledge While Mum Showers Inside



Source: DailyMail

Toddlers are curious, unpredictable little beings, which is why they require constant supervision.

Hence is why parents always take turns looking after the little kid while the other half is elsewhere.

But what happens when both parents are unable to tend to their toddler and don’t have an extra set of eyes available?

As according to Daily Mail, one little girl in Tenefire, Spain, decided it would be fun to walk about on a ledge outside their 4th storey apartment unit, while her mother was inside, taking a shower.

The little girl can be seen running on the narrow ledge towards the balcony and then attempting to climb onto it.

Source: DailyMail

After failing to climb onto the balcony, she then doubles back, jumps as she loses her footing and manages to hang on to the windowsill, where she had initially climbed out, before the video ends.

Source: DailyMail

There are currently no reports of any fatalities, hence we’re guessing and hoping that the little girl is safe.

This should be a reminder to all parents to always ensure that you keep your eyes on your toddlers.

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