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Humanity Knows No Race, Especially In Malaysia



Humanity Knows No Race, Especially In Malaysia - World Of Buzz

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Malaysia is a beautiful country. We were taught since young that the country is made up of so many diverse races and that we all live in harmony. The various ethnicity and races is what makes this country truly wonderful. The food, festivals, clothing, culture and of course, people.

A couple inspiring images were shared on Malaysian Facebook page, Malaysia Velai Seivor Sangam (MVSS) showing a man who’s collapsed on the ground, while a lady was at his aid.

It was said that the Indian man unfortunately got into an accident and looked very much in pain. A passerby noticed him and rushed to his side. The Malay girl who tended to him was apparently a student from AIMST college.

The image touched the heart of many Malaysians as the two were of different races, yet, when someone is in trouble, humanity is not differentiated by your skin colour.

This story also reminded several Malaysians of a viral story that happened before, where a lady who happened to be at the scene of a minor car accident offered to check the victim for injuries. Because of their different races, the victim refused to come into contact with the lady until he later realised that she was actually a doctor.

The two images were captioned,

“Actually this incident happen at sungai petani bidong …she is a student at AIMST college .. there’s a Indian man who met an accident … a Malay girl helped him without seeing races .. even though she Dono him at all she did that .. and she just a student only ..”

A Facebook user commented,

“Sejak dulu..Melayu, Cina dan India duduk serumpun. sama2 susah….sama2 gembira….sama2 merayakan perayaan agama masing2 . Semua penduduk sering datang ziarah menziarahi .antara satu sama lain. Duduk di kedai kopi bersembang2 mengenai pelbagai hal kampung dan hal anak2

Ali …Ah Chong dan Mutu adalah nama yg sangat sering bagi kita orang dengar . Mereka ini sejak kecil memang sentiasa lasak bermain bersama….. begitu juga saat makan..”

Many other people shared how touching the images were and equally shared the same sentiments – that in light of whatever is happening in the country, it doesn’t matter if you’re Bumiputra, Chinese, Indian or so. We are still united as one, we are all.. Malaysians.

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