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Hundreds of Animals Left To Die In Pakistan’s Pet Markets As Shop Owners Close For Lock Downs



Hundred of Abandoned Animals Died In Pakistan's Pet Market After Store Owners Closed Shop For Lock Downs - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Dawn

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If anything good has come out from this Covid-19 outbreak, it’s that wild animals and animals in zoos are enjoying life thanks to the lock downs.

But unfortunately, pets in pet stores are suffering worse than they normally have to.

As according to Deccan Herald, pet animals in Pakistan’s pet markets have been left to fend for themselves in tiny cages. Ever since the lock downs 2 weeks ago, store owners have hastily closed shutters while leaving no food or water for the pets in their cages.

Hundred of dogs, cats and rabbits were found dead.

The animals that were still alive were rescued by activists, who appealed to the authorities for access, after cries of hunger were heard through the store shutters. It is said that the market housed up to 1,000 animals.

The surviving pets were said to be trembling as they sat among the dead, starving and locked in cages with no light or ventilation.

“When we got inside, the majority of them were dead, about 70 percent. Their bodies were lying on the ground. It was so horrific, I can’t tell you,” said Chundrigar, who runs the ACF Animal Rescue.

What’s worse is that this happened in two locations within Pakistan, the Empress Market in Karachi and the Tollinton Market in Lahore.

It’s truly, truly saddening to see how little regard these pet store owners had for their animals’ lives. We’re thankful for the activists and rescuers, for without them, all the animals would have died.

We genuinely hope that the authorities take action on the store owners for every life lost.

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